BELGRADE PEACE PROJECT – “Belgrade projects Peace”

The underlying intention of this initiative is to make Belgrade a Center of Peace.

This is other than, and goes way-beyond the notion of peace in a region that has been experiencing wars and conflicts for centuries.

This is about turning history upside-down, in a way, and making that very place of Belgrade – strategically located on so many main roads, battled over and bombed to the ground so many times… – into a strong and stable Pillar of Peace, spreading waves and ripples of peace throughout the world.


Some may point to the irony of associating the name of Belgrade, which carries such a heavy connotation, with a statement of extending the intention and energy of Peace.

I want to point to the beauty of it, as it returns the place to its original and true essence.

Belgraders and visitors – have you ever noticed how peaceful, joyful and lively the whole fortress of Kalemegdan feels? have you ever experienced the soothing effect of a walk or short stay in this park, more than any other part of the city? have you ever wondered how it can be so, when it has been ground to battles, killings and atrocities for so many centuries? 

The reason behind this apparent paradox, I believe, is that below layers and layers of battlefield, Kalemegdan actually lays on such a powerful field of peaceful energy that, no matter what history has brought to the ground, what still emanates from the depth is peace, joy and livelihood.
This is a major part of the city, and yet Kalemegdan is just one example of power places or areas available there.

The intention with this BELGRADE PEACE PROJECT is to tap into this original and true essence, and to activate and anchor in Belgrade such a powerful and dynamic energy vortex of Peace, that it truly becomes: BELGRADE PROJECTS PEACE.

A lot has been done in this regard already over the past few years, behind the scenes, discretely, anonymously, yet with significant outcome.
The foundations have been laid, the conditions have been created.
It is now time to expand, to radiate, to bring the energy, the intention and the effort into the open – and to offer all those of goodwill who wish to join, the possibility to do so in simple and effective ways.

Starting in the summer of 2017, I have been holding guided meditations and energy transmissions for Peace, in various occasions and locations.
Besides, I am available to deliver “additional shots” on-demand, for any gathering of 4 people or more.
I would also gladly consider contributing to any relevant event and plug-in a Peace meditation and energy transmission within the program.

Please do contact me to discuss together any additional gatherings and initiatives you would like to create together.

Please do consider supporting this project in any way that is suitable for you – donations, collaborations, contributions…

Thank you.

Sophie Bidard
Belgrade, July 28th 2017