Feedback on the Freedom from Karmic Entanglements workshops

Here’s a few of the feedback I received right after the Live Workshops for Unworthiness, then Enslavement…

My heart is full of gratitude and I’d love for you to benefit from the same depth and amplitude of LIBERATION!!

~ “This was amazing. I have no words to describe the experience. Had lots of visuals throughout the workshop. I feel as if a heavy load has been lifted from me. Thank you so very much Sophie. I am so grateful for you. Blessings!” ~ from J.G.

~ “With much love, What an amazing workshop, AMAZING!” ~ from K.S.G

~ “Thank you Sophie for this powerful workshop. Appreciation and Love, J” ~ from J.N.

~ “Dear Sophie, What a powerful and profoundly healing ceremony. OMGosh. Thank you, Sistar! With Love, much Thankfulness, and Blessings.” ~ from D.B

~ “WOW!!! Lots of yawning for me today, and very interesting insights! Thank you Sophie. You’re a master… so incredibly good at helping us all become closer to our Divine Essence. I humbly thank you profusely.” ~ from H.S.

~ “I became so incredibly agitated & angry the moment I signed up for the workshop with intense dreamtime work! Once the workshop started a deep blissful peace came over me! Very Powerful! Deeply Transformational! By the end many insights had popped in including to keep peeling the layers of the onion back! Definitely a Lightness of Being took over & I feel so incredibly peaceful & light like a sparkly new baby! Totally grateful to you for the workshop and all you do for the world! This workshop is so needed!” ~ from S.H.

~ “I Loved the workshop so much and OMG the releases are like litterally actually crawling my muscles around a huge wave moves up my whole back from time to time and actually cracks my ribs! It’s veryyyyyyy relieving!” ~ from E.R.

~ “Thank you, dear Sophie. What a powerful healing! The clearing of my maternal lineage was very intense. I can feel such a great relief now! I was able to feel all the untanglings going on during the entire session. Well done!” ~ from V.R.

~ “Thank You Sophie for all your love & purity you bring to all of us through all you do.” ~ from E.O.

~ “Thank you, Sophie, for such a powerful healing workshop!” ~ from D.B.

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