They loved my work as much as I loved working with them!!
All my gratitude for their sharing their impressions…

Thank you Sophie, you are such a wonderful gift to me! I can’t express enough what transformation your work has done for me. I truly adore your Spirit and Higher Self! You have all brought me so many gifts for my evolution and I am so very grateful
~ Nida N.

Sophie is a powerful, gifted healer. She is the one I go to, and have referred many others to, for deep transformational work. I recently had something come up and knew she was the one to help me. Sophie took the time before, during and after my session to check in and be totally present with what I was experiencing. She guided me through some deep, dark places that I wouldn’t have allowed myself to go on my own, but that were necessary for the result I was looking for. Through her help and presence on this journey, I was able to experience the healing I so desperately wanted.
~ JoAnn M.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU ❤️ for my incredible session with you yesterday. You are such a gifted facilitator of the healing, and I am so grateful to you for your skill and expertise.
I feel like you have given me so many answers to so many lingering questions about myself. I am SO grateful for your gentle, guiding and holding of me during that experience.
I know I would never have willingly walked into that amount of pain on my own.
I am sending you such heartfelt love Sophie. I so look forward to working with you again in the future.

~ Justine F.

I am at a stage of great upheaval in my life requiring support. My guidance led me to meet Sophie, this was a delicious moment.
Sophie gently led me to the knots of my lifeline requesting for my attention. Her listening, her kindness, and her confidence gave me the courage to dive into the unknown. Many of the insights provided by my Higher Self brought me an understanding of my current life situations. The clearings were carried out with the utmost respect and love for my person and my genealogy. The effectiveness of these clearings became clear the next day. I received the understanding of memories related to wounds at stake in my life.
My issues concerned relationships and professional life. Sophie had asked me at the start of the session to choose the most urgent … and added by intuition that the work of the first might impact the second. It was true… I received precious encouragement concerning the latter.
The following days, the clearing continued, accentuated by the energies of the full moon. My emotions asked to be released in my physical body, Sophie was an effective support during this phase.
Here I am two weeks later, so much lighter, more attentive to myself, and more audacious… I actually dared to embark on a professional training which for years had been knocking on my door without my daring to open it… until now!

~ Linda D.

Thank you Sophie for our great Crystalline Karmic Liberation session. I highly recommend this work, I felt held throughout and able to let go, relax and trust. The session and the results are awesome. I am a NEW Me!
~ Michelle K.

Thank you so much Sophie for this incredible session of Crystalline Karmic Liberation! I will take in and utilize the insights and recommendations I have received. I know this was and is an important step for me. Love, Light, Gratitude and Blessings to you!
~ Cathie P.

My Soul, My Being, were in Joy and Anticipatory delight to experience this ‘Karmic Entanglement’ clearing with Sophie, that seamlessly flowed on to an Attunement as A Divine Emissary.
All in the same moment, it was Soft, it was Powerful and it was Graceful. It was profoundly deep within the very core of my heart and being, and yet…. it was also expansive and expanding, all the way out to the outer reaches of All that Is.
Over the past 3 weeks I have allowed this Karmic Entanglement clearing to integrate ‘Progress’, for me and for my journey. And I have integrated the beautiful Attunement as a Divine Emissary. The shifts, subtle and not so subtle, the action of Progress for me, these past 3 weeks -and Into the beyond- are truly transformational.
Thank You Sophie, for the Beautiful gift that you are.

~ Gillian H.

Sophie has a unique way of holding space for energetic transformation and healing to occur. During my session, Sophie helped me retrieve the karmic lessons from along my past life timeline, my maternal timeline, and my paternal timeline. Sophie created a sacred space for healing to occur, gently guiding me to revisit and integrate the lessons into the present and even into the future. She also guided me toward practical ways I can continue the healing process in my daily life; for example, by getting into my heart space and asking the Divine how this situation can move me forward. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Sophie!
~ Susan C.

Sophie’s Crystalline Karmic Liberation session carries a very powerful energy. Her Crystalline Chamber of Light is an incredibly effective container for healing. And she very thoroughly and systematically cleared out all of the karmic threads from my aura, my timeline, and my genealogical timelines (both maternal and paternal). Talk about cleaning house! Sophie leaves no stone unturned! I am confident she got all of the necessary threads. The session -and the clearing -felt complete.
Afterward I felt energized, light and happy! I could feel the changes immediately, and it felt SO good and very liberating!
Thank you Sophie for your wonderful healing work. You are truly magical!

~ Dana D.

My session with Sophie was magical. Before our session I felt strong emotions to come up, I knew that something was going to change. Her introduction was very grounding and I felt relaxed and connected as she took me through the process. She very quickly identified my stress web in my aura, which was in my neck creating a blockage between my mind and heart. As she removed the web I felt light/energy entering my head and moving through into my heart, correcting the pathway. It left me feeling joyful and with more heartfelt focus. Thank you Sophie.
~ Somyah C.

Thank you for your time and this beautiful process of Clearing the Karmic Entanglements, Sophie.
This clearing is helping me feel more calm and secure about just standing in/with my own energy, for what I need, e.g. feeling without reactivity, that allows my heart’s light to flow more readily from my feet to my crown.
As I pay attention to changes, my energy opens with greater softness, strength, and power.
Your voice authoritatively commands energy to willingly cooperate with what purposes you choose that are for the highest good ~ Gentle and compassionate, yet firmly resolute.
I am grateful for the reassuring strength and uplifting light hearted-ness with which you perceive, speak and convey Source energy; listening to you brings me into my power, flexibility and inspiration!

~ Bonnie B.

This morning after our Clearing the Karmic Entanglements session, I continued to meditate and be still with the clearing. I had the most amazing experience. I viewed myself (…) I was crying by the end of this because it was so incredibly healing and beautiful. Amazing is all I can say and the feeling of so much love and being loved. Thank you so much for clearing the blocks and opening this experience up for me. I’m so excited for what’s next.
~ Sandra M.

G. was just saying that today is the 2nd day that he has not felt the need to take his anxiety medication. How amazing is that!
When you were doing your Clearing the Karmic Entanglements with G., he was holding a very large amethyst crystal in his lap. He said at one point, he felt a ” lightness” or something lift from him. This is amazing progress! We just wanted to let you know about this amazing progress.
You’ve done an amazing job with this clearing, and we are so incredibly grateful to you for that.

~ Sandra for G. M.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sophie is so amazing and I am extremely grateful to have had a session to clearing the Karmic Entanglements with her. The insights she provided were so profound and helped me to move to the next step on my Spiritual Journey! She is such a beautiful soul that ensures you receive everything that you need and goes above and beyond. Many Blessings and Lots of Love to Sophie and everyone she helps on their path as well!
~ Laura L.

We uncovered hidden information and false truths from the past, which kept me from moving forward.
This session to clear the karmic entanglements unfolded beautifully and helped me to connect deeper and shift towards what is true.
I’m highly recommending working with Sophie, our session together was impressive and Beneficial.

~ R.S.

I REALLY loved our session. It was beautiful and helped me a lot. The wisdom of “My higher Heart Power Expression” is very effective!
~ Michael S.

Thank you so much Sophie! Our session today was magical! Many Blessings to you!
~ Mary G.

Thank you Sophie for my wonderful session. And for your beautiful gifts. Wow! I feel excited and alive. Many blessings.
~ Pamela W.

“[upon completion of a Crystalline Karmic Liberation session]
Tears!! Laughter uncontrollable… This is POWERFUL!!!
~ Christina L.

“[upon completion of a Crystalline Karmic Liberation session]
I feel very humbled and honored and grateful, with shivers and tears!
~ Gene M.

The work you do is very thorough and wonderful, and YOU are wonderful Sophie!
~ M.W

I was amazed at your adjustability and your ability to hold the space, few can do what you do. Thank you!
~ S.K.

Thank you so much Sophie! I appreciate your wisdom and skills! And your warm and sweet friendliness.
~ E.G.

I’m sitting here 4 hours after our Crystalline Karmic Liberation session and I fell the Grace and love of everything we worked on and how it’s shifting! So much gratitude 🙏Sophie, it was amazing!
~ R.B.

Thank you, Dear Sophie, It was a huge shift and gentle and fun at the same time.
~ P.W.

“[upon completion of a Crystalline Karmic Liberation session]
It was mindblowing!
~ L.V.

“[upon completion of a Crystalline Karmic Liberation session]
It was one of the most powerful session I’ve experienced!
~ C.V.