FORGIVENESS PROJECT – “Oprostaj daje Slobodu”

A few weeks ago, a deep release of emotions I was guiding brought up this insight which came out swift, clear and sharp as an arrow OPROSTAJ DAJE SLOBODU – Forgiveness brings Freedom.

The manner in which this insight came through me -which in itself is unusual as generally it is the person themselves, whom I am guiding through their emotional release, who receive and gather insights for themselves- was very peculiar, with a dramatically intense energy, like a weight, and almost a slamming sound, while it actually came through a most subtle feeling…

In its delivery, the insight presented itself to be valid for the whole planet and the whole of humanity – and in itself it is no new teaching, but something already well known and accepted.
The significance was in the charge, and in that it sounded like a calling, or maybe a command – very dramatic, really.
And so, for all of us, but also with a special and specific resonance to this region, here, of the Balkan.
And a relevance to recent history, as well as to more ancient history – decades, and centuries of conflicts and wars, occupation, invasions, abuse of all sorts…

The message came clear: only through Forgiveness will the region find its way to Freedom anew.

Indeed, there is a feeling I sense of being frozen in time, like time being held, everything being on hold – it is a feeling I have in this area, which I can not articulate other than that, even though life is going on, all feels stuck and on-hold.
And the insight was felt as a stream, a light but sharp wind passing and cutting through the stuckness, the frozen, the blocked, the ‘on-hold’… It was Forgiveness cutting through and liberating into life flowing fully again.

A couple days later, I took the opportunity of a gathering of friends to “officially raise my hand” and commit to this assignment: I choose to take part in this endeavour, I am dedicated to make myself and my skills, energy, abilities available to contribute to the bringing of Forgiveness, individual and collective, in this area.

Today in this writing, I further extend my commitment.
I spell it to make it real, even more.
And I wish to start ‘raising an army’ of benevolent people, who will work together in this intention.

Whatever form it will take, which will be varied and intuitively guided, I envision to expand the work of Forgiveness to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo – 4 pillar areas, in which specific aspects of the unfolding of history feel like suspended, awaiting their healing through Forgiveness.

It will be a work in collaboration, in co-operation, a co-creation of Peace and Freedom – I rejoice about the connections, encounters, joinings that will take place to make this happen in the highest and most powerful, honoring and healing ways.

Fully committed and dedicated, I wish and intend to take my role and be of service with humbleness and gratitude.

Let us get together, people of goodwill, and bring the Forgiveness that will bring the Freedom all desire for themselves and for the collective.

Let’s get started, and let’s get it done – no matter what it takes.

Sophie Bidard, Belgrade – May 4th 2017.