Evolve towards the Mastery of your emotions, turn burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ collect pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing who you truly are, to yourself, and to the world!

Are you sensing the need for tremendous, deep, positive change in you life?

… for the freedom to be fully present here, and now, being at peace with the past, in trust for the future?

… for a higher, more subtle, vibrant and meaningful existence?

… for crystal-clear intuition, tapping into your own guidance towards your highest good in every moment, situation and decision?

… for truly flourishing, revealing and expressing the truth and beauty of who you really are?

>> I can guide and support you, as far and as high as you are choosing to go! <<

I guide Pure Light to touch the deep waters of your emotions, for revelation, liberation, and true self embodiment… 

The light of awareness; the light of the Great Central Sun; the Light of the Color Elementals.

That’s what I’m offering: bringing ‘Rainbows’ to your Life, bridges into wholeness, high vibrational expression, joy and wonder, diversity in unity, natural beauty… divine perfection!

Shall we? Contact me now: sophiebidard555@gmail.com!