The Gardener for Your Soul

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Dedicated to cultivating the awareness of Divinity as the core of the Human Experience:
uprooting weeds, planting new seeds, bringing light to nurture the growth of all things good, true and beautiful.

I combine mastery of language with a flow of pure light, tapped into right at the Source, to bring clarity and opening of new possibilities to the most intricate situations: flushing away, flooding in, allowing truth to be revealed!

I am passionate about finding and expressing the Divine within, and guiding others into this experience as well. Committed to offering breakthroughs, radical change and liberation, I can crack open the densest knots, clear away the heaviest emotional burdens, remove whole webs of karmic entanglements and swipe out any stuckness; leading to lightness, flow, empowerment and connection at the highest level of vibration.

My gift of questioning has earned me the name of “Queen of Questions”!
With that, I tap into my intuitive perception, to deliver inspiring perspectives and higher guidance.

An Ambassador for the Academy for the Soul and Certified Intuitive Strategist, I trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Energy Healer.
I am also the host of the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

* * * * *

It is my own journey of spiritual awakening that has led me to a path of service, as well as developing and owning my gifts of impactful language and energy transmissions.

An initial education in economy and business opened to a 20-year corporate career in marketing, then I took a first turn, becoming a High School Teacher and Private Tutor, leveraging my skills and experience in the field of ‘management of learning’. I found great inspiration and fulfillment in guiding and supporting younger generations in their studies and personal development.

A massive intuitive hit then got me to enroll in a training program for NLP; there, I discovered my true passion and engaged in a professional path of service, offering radical transformation, empowerment, and true liberation. 

Meanwhile, initially for self-care, I started a daily practice of energy work which revealed my capacity to flow, share, transmit energy ~ I developed my own ways, bringing together energy flow, movement and linguistics.

Joining the Academy for the Soul a couple years ago has brought my path, abilities and contributions to a whole new level, as well as developing meaningful and fruitful connections in a spirit of service, community, and creative collaborations.

With a deep concern for the well-being of Humanity, I have been

  • a founding member of the Pooh Bear Appreciation Society, a student charity, fundraising for children’s causes
  • the initiator and a founding member of the Belgrade Food Bank, collecting food donations for distribution to populations in need
  • leading collective Luminous Pillars of Peace guided meditations and energy transmissions for Peace, in-person in Belgrade and online with global audiences.

I am inspired by colors, flows and connections, and committed to the rising and blossoming of a New Earth, a New Humanity rooted in Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Feeling, Sovereignty and Grace. 

* * * * *

I communicate and work in English, French and Serbian languages; in-person or distantly (Skype).

Interested in working together? Contact me to find out more!