Master Light Weaver

I guide Pure Light to touch the deep waters of your emotions, for revelation, liberation, and true self embodiment… 

The Light of Awareness; the Light of the Great Central Sun; the Light of the Color Elementals.

That’s what I’m offering: bringing ‘Rainbows’ to your Life, bridges into wholeness, high vibrational expression, joy and wonder, diversity in unity, natural beauty… divine perfection!

Evolve towards the Mastery of your emotions, turn burdens of the past into guidance for your path ~ collect pearls of wisdom on your way to revealing who you truly are, to yourself, and to the world.

I combine mastery of language with a flow of pure light, tapped into right at the Source, to bring clarity and opening of new possibilities to the most intricate situations: flushing away, flooding in, allowing truth to be revealed!

I am passionate about finding and expressing the Divine within, and guiding others into this experience as well. Committed to offering breakthroughs, radical change and liberation, I can crack open the densest knots, clear away the heaviest emotional burdens, remove whole webs of karmic entanglements and swipe out any stuckness; leading to lightness, flow, empowerment and connection at the highest level of vibration.

My gift of questioning has earned me the name of “Queen of Questions”!
With that, I tap into my intuitive perception, to deliver inspiring perspectives and higher guidance.

An Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and Certified Intuitive Strategist, I trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Energy Healer.
I am also the host of the Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio.

* * * * *

It is my own journey of spiritual awakening that has led me to a path of service, as well as developing and owning my gifts of impactful language and energy transmissions.

An initial education in economy and business opened to a 20-year corporate career in marketing, then I took a first turn, becoming a High School Teacher and Private Tutor, leveraging my skills and experience in the field of ‘management of learning’. I found great inspiration and fulfillment in guiding and supporting younger generations in their studies and personal development.

A massive intuitive hit then got me to enroll in a training program for NLP; there, I discovered my true passion and engaged in a professional path of service, offering radical transformation, empowerment, and true liberation. 

Meanwhile, initially for self-care, I started a daily practice of energy work which revealed my capacity to flow, share, transmit energy ~ I developed my own ways, bringing together energy flow, movement and linguistics.

Joining the Academy for the Soul a couple years ago has brought my path, abilities and contributions to a whole new level, as well as developing meaningful and fruitful connections in a spirit of service, community, and creative collaborations.

With a deep concern for the well-being of Humanity, I have been

  • a founding member of the Pooh Bear Appreciation Society, a student charity, fundraising for children’s causes
  • the initiator and a founding member of the Belgrade Food Bank, collecting food donations for distribution to populations in need
  • leading collective Luminous Pillars of Peace guided meditations and energy transmissions for Peace, in-person in Belgrade and online with global audiences.

I am inspired by colors, flows and connections, and committed to the rising and blossoming of a New Earth, a New Humanity rooted in Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, Sovereignty and Grace. 

* * * * *

I communicate and work in English, French and Serbian languages; in-person or distantly (Skype).

Interested in working together? Contact me to find out more!