how do I work?

>> intuitive guidance – radical change & liberation – pure light transmission << 

My service is committed to the evolution of individuals, humanity & the whole planet Earth towards new consciousness, new values, new realisations… a whole new, inspired creation founded in truth, bringing peace, expressing beauty with crystal clarity, in subtle balance, for all to shine their radiant light.

My approach is based on Linguistic Alchemy – a combination of change-oriented language, together with a powerful flow of high and pure light, tapped directly at the Source of the Great Central Sun.

It is delivered through:

  • in-depth 1-1 sessions (one-shot & packages)
    • Release your Burdens & Baggage ~ deep release of emotions & limiting beliefs
    • Upgrade your Boundaries
    • Clearing your Karmic Entanglements [my Signature Session!!]
    • Persona work with the Integrated Soul Technology
    • Flush & Claim mini sessions for immediate shifts & empowerment
    • Freestyle sessions in ‘structured improvisation’!
  • lectures & workshops, for small to large groups
  • ‘public service’ & initiatives of light activism
  • programs for businesses & educational institutions
  • specifics for healers, spiritual teachers, coaches, mentors

– in French, English, Serbian
– face-to-face & remote (email, skype, distant energy transmissions)

all on-demand, tailor-made for your needs, your evolution, your journey.

I am also an Academy for the Soul Master Teacher; a significant part of my work is offered to and through this incredibly caring and supportive community, which you are welcome to join!

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