Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio

Through Rainbow Illuminations, I bring light to topics and issues in such a way that it opens our minds and hearts to higher perspectives, higher vibrations, higher possibilities…

Imagine flowing a Rainbow into these topics and issues… who knows what will come out!

Each episode includes a sharing of perspective, insights, good practices on a topic, followed by a related guided meditation, guided journey or energy transmission; then opening the lines for the audience to request their personal intuitive reading.

Launched in November 2019, this bi-monthly podcast has so far covered the following themes:

  • Embodying Peace series: episodes on peace of mind, peaceful hearts, being a pillar of peace, setting intentions for peace and a special event: the Rainbow Wave of Peace.
  • Playing with Words series: episodes on hope, power, co-creation, flow, rainbow.
  • Let’s Get Emotional series: episodes on emotional mastery, emotions of the past, emotional release.
  • Freestyle Emotional Q&A series offering intuitive answers to the audience’s questions on emotions, obstacles, projections….
  • A Handful of Emotions: a mini-series about Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Japanese Art of harmonizing emotions.
  • Shining Light series: episodes dedicated to shining light on Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Service.
  • Animal Wisdom: on some occasions, I offer a draw from my personal deck of Animal Wisdom Cards, it’s fun and insightful!
  • Emotional Exploration series: episodes on anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, despair.
  • Exploring Faith series: episodes on Faith as Fuel for Trust, Faith as Fuel for Courage, Faith as Fuel for Acceptance.
  • Emotional Awareness & Flush: a special episode dedicated to emotional awareness and clearing.

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Some feedback from the audience of various episodes:

  • from D.B.
    “thank you for these very meaningful and effective transmissions. we appreciate you.”
  • from M.R.
    “Many many thanks Sophie. This was a very powerful call and brought great insight to me. Your wisdom is so needed in our world today. Bless you.”
  • from John
    “Thank you so much Sophie, for your precious guidance, abilities and generosity. Namaste”
  • from Diane
    “this was amazing today…. your heart space is stunning… your tender holding is one of your superpowers..”
  • from Stany
    “Thank you Sophie so much! My heart is filled with GRACE and I am deeply Grateful With love and infinite Gratitude”
  • from Jyoti
    “I felt the Orb of Grace and it feels wonderful, thank you”
  • from Jane
    “Wow! what a call today Sophie! I am feeling empowered and renew with all your insights for everyone on the call. You are DIVINE Sophie ! Your gifts are beyond amazing Thank you so much Blessings and Love”
  • from Amy
    “Wow Sophie! Thank you from my heart and soul. This was so powerful! I am moved to tears Feeling my TRUE VALUE was the issue of my life. Thank you for this powerful message and insights. I am feeling different already Namaste & Bless you”
  • from J.
    “Hi Sophie, thanks for this great helpful reading and this wonderful call. Namaste”
  • from Genny
    “Wow, this was something! Thank you so much Magical Sophie! I couldn’t even understand the meaning of reverence in the beginning…until you brought the vibration and than I Felt its preciousness. Thank you for your precious support, insights and generosity Sophie! Blessings and Gratitude”
  • from Lora
    “Thank you so much. It resonated with me very much as I was thinking to start journaling about my feelings and what I wanted to create, and also trying to release the past and start fresh from the now moment. I am very great full and thankfull… Infinite Love and Blessings to you and to all.”
  • from Melany
    “WOW! Very Powerful! A loooot of work, xoxoxo Wish me luck. xoxo Infinite Gratitude Sophie”
  • from Alexa
    “Thank you thank you thank you”
  • from Summer
    “Wow, thanks so much Sophie! This was Beautiful and very helpful I am always making myself busy doing the opposite of what I truly need! xoxo Much Love & Gratitude”
  • from Mona
    “Thank you very much Sophie This was really deep Blessing”
  • from Jenny
    “So very calming this process Thank you”
  • from Michelle
    “Sophie , You’re Magical SiStar! Namaste”
  • from Rosy
    “Thank you Beautiful! You Rock! You bring such a High and beautiful energy So precious! Bless you”
  • from Satry
    “Wow Sophie. Thank you so much! I felt the Power of everything you said. You are a Powerhouse! I am in Awe and deeply grateful Namaste”
  • from Grace
    “Thank you so much Sophie! This was such a Powerful Message! I am so deeply moved by your insights and support. I am feeling more peace already. Infinite Gratitude and Blessings”
  • from J.
    “Wow ! Thank you so much Sophie! You have no idea how helpful this was I will draw this line with the old and go with the New! and do everything you said! You are so amazing! Love and Blessings”