Rainbow Illuminations show on Academy for the Soul Radio

Through Rainbow Illuminations, I bring light to topics and issues in such a way that it opens our minds and hearts to higher perspectives, higher vibrations, higher possibilities…

Imagine flowing a Rainbow into these topics and issues… who knows what will come out!

Each episode includes a sharing of perspective, insights, good practices on a topic, followed by a related guided meditation, guided journey or energy transmission; then opening the lines for the audience to request their personal intuitive reading.

Launched in November 2019, this bi-monthly podcast has so far covered the following themes:

  • Embodying Peace series: episodes on peace of mind, peaceful hearts, being a pillar of peace, setting intentions for peace and a special event: the Rainbow Wave of Peace.
  • Playing with Words series: episodes on hope, power, co-creation, flow, rainbow.
  • Let’s Get Emotional series: episodes on emotional mastery, emotions of the past, emotional release.
  • Freestyle Emotional Q&A series offering intuitive answers to the audience’s questions on emotions, obstacles, projections….
  • A Handful of Emotions: a mini-series about Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Japanese Art of harmonizing emotions.
  • Shining Light series: episodes dedicated to shining light on Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Service.
  • Animal Wisdom: on some occasions, I offer a draw from my personal deck of Animal Wisdom Cards, it’s fun and insightful!

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