with whom do I work?

I engage with a whole variety of persons, from very young children to teenagers (the highly-sensitives) and adults of all age; in the context of their personal, professional or academic life, health, relationships, …

As a Master Healer (Healer to the healers, teachers, guides, mentors, coaches), something really special happens when I connect with others for their evolution, the liberation of their true power or in co-creation serving the highest good.
Sometimes, it is about the activation of a person who never knew they were a ‘healer’, and it is revealed to them as they bring to peace a lifetime of suffering, of wandering.
Sometimes, it is about the rising of a practitioner to their highest potential, so they step into their true mission and fully play their part.
Such connections always take place in a very humbling and honoring way, with a profound sense of service and dedication.

My clients’ issues so far have included the following:

overload or overwhelm – powerlessness – lack of self-confidence or self-esteem – life crisis & major transitions – depression, apathy – addiction – pain, symptoms, physical illness or other health problems – trauma (experienced and/or inherited) and grief – phobia – suicidal state – experience of ‘stuckness’ or chaos – identity issues – confusion in sexual or gender orientation – conflicts and matters of relationships – burnout – patterns of behavior, blocks and obstacles experienced in life – crisis of meaning, dark night of the soul – quest for inner peace, spiritual awakening, raising frequency, developing intuition, vision and creation – search for connection and fluid, clear communication with the Divine, with Spirit, with Source within – desire to own and fully activate one’s spiritual gifts, to experience flow and alignment, to live one’s true purpose, to be of service to the highest good…

which have been brought to resolution – and more!

Indeed, through our work, most clients have accomplished a personal transformation way-beyond anything they could imagine and expect before we engaged together…

And you can have that experience as well.

contact me: sophiebidard555@gmail.com