the vision behind my work

My vision of evolution, both at collective and individual level, is based on the idea that all problems and limitations are born from the illusion of separation.

The way to peace, the way to freedom, the way to truth, the way to a life fueled by true love, is to be found in the stepping out of this illusion, INTO the reality of ONENESS.

We are one, one essence; all that lives in us is of the same nature – whether ‘we’ are people, animals, plants, stars and planets, crystals… all-the-same-essence!!!

When we live from the truth of that essence, separation no longer is, conflict no longer arises, friction, opposition, polarities no longer matter – the unity and oneness of that essence takes over and liberates.

I offer a perfect evocation of this vision through my ‘Metaphore of the Paper Person’…
ask me about it! 

All my work, in all the different forms that it takes, is based on this principle, and my approach and contribution are geared towards the dissolution of this illusionary separation, opening the way to a whole new world, a whole new humanity, a whole new experience infused by a whole new energy.

And, yes, in my vision, this whole new world looks something like this  🙂