the Emotion Club

Happening on the 22nd of every month… Join NOW! The preparation starts on the 15th of the month.

As we are collectively and personally navigating a highly unstable, agitated, sometimes explosive period of human history, how are you handling the on-going emotional storm? 

Are you experiencing any of these predicaments? 

Do you recognize yourself…

  • Feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • Struggling to contain yourself and the raging flow of your emotions
  • Hypersensitive and emotionally leaking, even without any apparent reason
  • Overreacting to just everything that doesn’t go the way you wanted it 
  • Feeling drained by the weight of suppressed emotional burdens 
  • Suffering from illness or symptoms as a result of unattended emotions
  • Experiencing the emotional bleeding of old wounds from this lifetime, even past lives and your ancestors
  • Feeling lost and confused in the midst of projections, yours and those of others, provoked by your withheld, buried emotions
  • Feeling guilt or shame over emotional outbursts triggered by overwhelm

Are you feeling disempowered by the emotional charge you’re aware you’d better release as soon as possible, but you just can’t handle the depth and heaviness of it by yourself? 

Or maybe you don’t know how to proceed to emotional release? 

Or maybe you do know how, but lack the structure and discipline to do it consistently and regularly, as you know would be the healthy way?

And you end up having no other choice but to suppress, repress, bury, cover up, clench your teeth… numbing your pain in a way or another…

But there’s another way! Here’s another choice that is offered to you, a higher choice… the one healthy choice!!  

How would it be to emotionally DETOX once a month, purging your emotional load,
and to have the possibility to do it again the next month, and the next…?

How would it be to join a club, together with others who make that healthy choice? 

Gathering on the 22nd of every month, for a live group call where you will collectively be held, guided and supported to emotionally detox:

  • releasing your emotional burdens, 
  • clearing your emotional waters, 
  • resetting yourself emotionally, 
  • bringing yourself back to your center, in alignment with your true self and empowered again… 

Knowing that, no matter what arises in the coming weeks, there will be another monthly opportunity to deeply release all those emotions that will have surfaced, as we seem to be constantly triggered, in some way or another…

What if the current atmosphere was getting increasingly “emotionally dirty” and agitated, as a way to push and force us to adopt higher standards and practices of emotional hygiene? 

What if we could turn the current emotionally stormy weather, to truly serve our highest good, our evolution, and the highest good of all?

>> The preparation starts on the 15th of every month ~
To be ready for the deep release happening on the 22nd! <<

Join the Emotion Club now and embrace a healthy, supportive and supported monthly practice of emotional purge:

  • Gather on the 15th of each month to be held in a safe, sacred space and set your intentions for the deep release of your emotions.
  • Raise your emotional awareness, ensuring the deep release of your emotions will be effective ~ you can only release that which you are aware of! You’ll receive precise instructions on how to journal your emotions, in preparation for the month’s release. And for your preparation to be smooth and graceful, you’ll also receive an Orb of Grace and Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
  • Gather on the 22nd of each month for a 90 min. workshop (live group call) to purge your identified emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Despair, and the limiting beliefs held in place by those emotions ~ collecting pearls of wisdom and filling in the space freed by the clearing with pure Source Light; finally receive an Orb of Grace and Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
  • Return to the replay as many times as you like, until the end of the month, ensuring you can proceed to releasing as many layers of emotions as you are ready to commit yourself to.
  • Relax, feeling safe and cared for, knowing the same process will be available and offered to you the next month… and the next… and the next… 
  • Interact with others who share similar intentions, in the safe environment of a private Facebook group where you can share, discuss, investigate, even PLAY about emotions, learning over time how to embrace them in a way that is flowing, playful and rewarding!

You’ll never have to choose to suppress, repress and numb ~ ever again!

You’ll feel safe, riding the waves of your emotions, allowing them to surface as you’ll know you’ll be able to clear them: awareness and acceptance will bring you closer to your natural, authentic self.

You’ll grow in your ability to release your emotions ‘on the go’ and to trust that, no matter what arises emotionally, you can handle it in a responsible, mature, healthy way!

You’ll feel good as you’ll be a model for others, inspiring them to also adopt a healthy emotional hygiene: it’s desirable, it’s possible, and you’ll demonstrate it! This will contribute to lowering the level of collective and personal emotional pollution.

You’ll benefit from a constant in-flow of wisdom (the wisdom offered by your emotions as you release them) and refreshed, rejuvenating energy!

Your health will improve as symptoms and illnesses rooted in suppressed emotions will find their healing (hint: all symptoms and diseases have suppressed emotions as their root cause!): healing will simply happen, or the path to healing will be revealed and offered to you.

You’ll enjoy higher quality and authenticity in your relationships and interactions, personal and professional: free from drama and projections. 

You’ll make progress on your spiritual journey, that you will have not even dreamed of: the main illusion of separation from the Divine, is the veil formed by your troubled emotional waters… The clearer your emotions, the clearer your connection to and perception of the Divine!

Your intuition will gain in clarity, you’ll be able to receive the directives of your inner guidance: no more emotional distortions and blurriness! 

You’ll enjoy a higher degree of inner-peace, which others around you will also benefit from ~ and be inspired by!

JOIN THE EMOTION CLUB FOR 1 MONTH >> $22 (value: $133)

You’ll receive, for the current month:

  • Monthly Group Intention Setting (40min group call + PDF): on the 15th of the month ~ we’ll create a safe, sacred space for your Monthly Emotional Purge; I’ll share precise instructions for your workshop preparation, in order to optimize your experience, gaining the deepest transformation in the smoothest possible way. You’ll receive 3 Power Claiming Keys, specifically crafted linguistic keys to claim your power to set and hold your intentions for the deep release of your emotions. These will be delivered on the live call in a flow of pure Source light for activation and assimilation, as well as in beautiful PDF format that you’ll be able to refer to at any time for support, encouragement and empowerment.
    You’ll know and experience yourself as being held in a Sacred Space that will allow you to feel safe, guided and supported, and to have compassion for yourself as you dive deep into your emotional waters, gain awareness of your emotional burdens and finally release them!
    Finally, for your preparation to me smooth and graceful, you’ll receive the Orb of Grace and an Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
  • Monthly Emotional Purge (1h30 live group call): on the 22nd of the month ~ a collective emotional purge workshop using a blend of transformational linguistics (the power of language to operate radical transformation), together with a flow of Pure Source Light, healing, clearing, transmuting, nourishing; you’ll thoroughly and systematically release your emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, Despair, and limiting beliefs
    • We start by creating a safe, sacred space for radical  transformation: the Crystalline Chamber of Light.
    • We then set powerful intentions for the release to occur in your highest good ~ these intentions are linguistically crafted in a way that both empowers, and protects you, at the highest possible level.
    • You are then ready to bring up your “emotional burdens” and the group is guided through the release, collecting the Pearls of Wisdom, allowing the emotions to be let go of. We also take care of limiting beliefs as those are held in place by emotions ~ emotional release liberates you from these old mental restrictions. 
    • Forgiveness and gratitude are offered and received, this is such a soothing and healing moment!
    • We fill the space that has been liberated within, with pure bright nurturing Rainbow Light!
    • And we complete with an offering of the Orb of Grace and Infusion of Grace in your Heart.
  • Your monthly invitation for the next Emotional Purge, on the 15th of every month ~ reminding you it’s time to start your practice of Deep Journaling for Emotional Awareness ~ throwing your emotional fishing net to catch as many as possible of your emotions to be purged!
  • Your permanent access to the Emotion Club private Facebook group where you’ll enjoy community support and encouragement, discussions, Q&A, milestones reminders to stay on track with your practices ~ and be guided and stimulated to embrace the flow, fullness and even play-fullness of your emotions!
  • BONUS: An Invitation to Forgiveness ~ An audio track (MP3) offered to guide and support you to offer and receive forgiveness… and forgiveness to yourself! 

JOIN THE EMOTION CLUB FOR 1 MONTH >> $22 (value: $133)

Testimonials: Deep Release of Emotions workshop

“I really enjoyed our clearing today. I’ve felt so much overwhelm lately. I feel so blissful now.
I’m so grateful to have this beautiful space to be a part of in healing!
Thank you so much!! Sending you big hugs and so much love!”

~ G.S.

Your workshop this afternoon was spectacular – THANK YOU!!!  Your generosity is almost overwhelming, and the acute panic and terror that I’ve been feeling for several years, now feels smoothed out!  What a wonderful teacher you are, and I am so looking forward to doing more healing work together!
~ K.S.

Thank you so much Sophie.
Powerful, INTENSE,  relieving, delicious!, so so blessed.
~ P.B.

Thank you for the deep emotional release workshop yesterday. It was very powerful!” 
~ A.M.

Perfectly wonderful. The energetic effect is invaluable.  So much gratitude for your courageous high-minded strength with this and all of your offerings.” 
~ B.B.

Yesterday’s workshop was powerful. So much clearing and shifting. The effects were immediate. Thank you so much.
~ L.K.

Thank you Sophie, you are such a wonderful gift to me! I can’t express enough what transformation your work has done for me. I truly adore your Spirit and Higher Self! You have all brought me so many gifts for my evolution and I am so very grateful
~ N.N.

JOIN THE EMOTION CLUB FOR 1 MONTH >> $22 (value: $133)

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