Tarot as you never experienced it before! 

Forget all you have ever heard, read, experienced about Tarot!

You have a question?
Something bothers you, or confuses you?
You are looking for new perspectives, insights, inspiration on a specific theme?

This is a unique and pleasant way to receive these answers, quickly and easily.

The Tarot card you will pick holds a message for you, now.
This message can be received, understood, felt only by YOU, NOW – and I will guide you to do so. 
And at the end, I will deliver your message back to you, together with an energy transmission of pure Source light, which supports deeper receiving, absorption, initiation of necessary changes…

More than information, you get a complete experience.
But this is nothing like predicting the future –which we create at every moment– but rather it is Tarot as a tool for intuition, inspiration, transformation, new decisions

All who have experienced this way of the Tarot have been delighted – and now it can be your turn!

Duration of the session: about half an hour.
Price of the consultation: 1100din.

Available in English, Serbian and French.

Possibility to arrange for regular consultations (weekly, monthly).
Possibility to organize “Tarot Party” for yourself and your guests.
It is also a perfect birthday gift!

Contact: sophiebidard555@gmail.com