story in short

Let me tell you a story…

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about 10 years ago, I was at a point in my life where I was desperately bored with a career in marketing, it had been fun for a while but was no longer fulfilling me and I had no clue what else to do… let alone having any idea of such a thing as “being of service” or “having a higher purpose”… I was really lost, in the professional as well as in the personal side of life. I had tried various forms of therapy, and each helped me a little bit but none really got me to a better place… I was in a sort of permanent existential crisis, just able to function, just going through life, just surviving really, and I had come to the conclusion that there was no solution for me. I was pretty helpless.

and what happened then is I experienced a massive intuitive hit ~ and that was really the first time I had any conscious experience of my intuition.
you see, for no apparent reason, I enrolled myself in a training for NLP. and the weird thing is that at the time, I had absolutely no interest in NLP. I found it to be a collection of cheap recipes for superficial well-being. and yet, somehow I joined this training program. this was my intuition showing up openly for the very first time, and getting me to make that turn, to step into a whole new life…

not all of it was shown to me right away but rather, it unfolded as I was moving forward, from the moment I took that chance, I took that turn, listening to this intuitive hit ~ and joining an NLP course against all odds.
. the first outcome of it was for me to learn about and practice emotional release which took me to a better place already.
. then finding a whole new professional path which I entered with much passion and dedication, as I realized THIS is what I want to do, work with clients to guide and support their transformation, their liberation from emotional burdens, their empowerment really.
. and then a few years later, what really took me by surprise the most, is when the 3rd phase revealed itself and all came together with clarity and a much higher perspective.

you see, what I had thought was a journey of self-healing and a new career, actually turned out to be me engaging into a true spiritual path.
I came to realize that my deepest cravings, my deepest suffering, were of spiritual nature, being deprived of spirit. and I came to realize that my interest in working with clients was an expression of my deepest desire to be of service.

so at that point I embraced it all, the inner journey to find and express the Divine within; and the outer journey to be of service to the highest good of all.
and at that point, I connected with Christel and joined the Academy for the Soul and all started to make sense in a much more beautiful and meaningful way, and all started to come together, to click and to flow just naturally now and magnificently…

I feel like I have come out of a long dark tunnel of life… and if at times I wished I had exited sooner, now I see it would have been premature and it is all perfect as it is, and I am excited to come out into the light now ~ and also on air, with a Radio Show starting very soon!