Q&A with Source – channeling sessions

Get your answers, your guidance, your light… right at the Source!

In the regular practice of channeling, the channeling person connects to a higher dimensional being or group of beings;  gathering from them the answers to your questions, he/she delivers it to you in consciously comprehensible language
(English or another earthly language) or possibly in light language.

This approach has been and still is greatly beneficial for anyone to receive higher guidance, and it has become a quite mainstream practice.

However, it does rely on intermediation, as well as expression with a degree of interpretation:


The outcome, the nature and quality of what is eventually received as channeled
material is thus impacted in many ways, possibly distorted, limited or simplified, or again connoted…

What is available to you now is a totally streamlined approach with little-to-no intermediation, expression, interpretation – which guarantees the highest purity and quality of material delivered to answer your needs.

It is a telepathic transmission, conversation with Source, the Universe, Spirit, the Divine…

channel ME

In these sessions, I flow energy to you, acting as a channel for pure Source Light which is the mode of delivery of full answers to your questions – including:

  • the knowledge you receive,
  • the thoughts, ideas, visions prompted within you,
  • the energy transferred for you to absorb,
  • the activations performed in your highest good…

Your questions are answered beyond what your mind can conceive, you actually receive all that you need in your highest good – and you may be well aware that in so many instances, words are too small for the complexity, the depth, the subtlety, the multi-dimensionality of what is to be conveyed.

What else than a direct dialog with Source could deliver the whole of what you are looking for?

This is not for the faint of heart.
This is not for the ones who like to be spoon-fed.
This is not for the lazy, the passive, the assisted.
— they would be shaken to their core!

This is for those who take full responsibility and are willing to do the extra effort to tap into, extract from and absorb the purest, highest guidance available – delivered to them as raw material, untouched, unaltered.

This is for those who choose the highest path, the highest outcome, and are ready to meet the challenges, trusting they are supported in their service to the highest good of all – supported and guided to expand as much as it takes.

This is for those who recognize that, in order to bring the NEW, we need to work with new material – that which is pure, untouched, unaltered; we need to tap at the Source for a NEW light to shine on our questions and our needs.

Sessions are available

  • in-person or distant (via Skype),
  • in English, French, Serbian,
  • in formats of 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 h & + .

Contact: email Sophie Bidard – sophiebidard555@gmail.com

And for those who wish to go further