subtle activism & public service

Subtle activism for PEACE

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My public service

Beside offering service to creators, healers, guides, mentors, spiritual teachers, leaders… infusing their creations, work, service with pure light from Source – I am also involved in an ongoing practice of anchoring and flowing pure light from Source as a public service. It is my voluntary contribution to the emergence of a new Earth and a new humanity, fueled by new, higher energy, consciousness and vibration.

In daily life, as I go my errands in the city where I live right in the center of Europe, as I travel with public transportation, as mingle with people, as I go places in nature, as well as from my very home, right in the center of the city… – wherever I am, everywhere I go, in everything I do, in every conversation, and just by my simple presence, I am constantly bringing, anchoring, flowing pure light from Source.

It is a subtle flow, with a subtle effect, working by entrainment – the energy principle by which, “when two objects of like vibration are in close proximity, the object of lesser (weaker) vibration will begin to match the object of stronger vibration”.

And sometimes, in tense social/collective situations, I intentionally increase and intensify the flow. I also find myself being ‘moved around’ by life to places and contexts where energy needs to be cleared and be raised, this is also something to which I agree and I whole-heartedly fulfill my assignments.

It is a dedication of every instant to service of the highest good of all.

It is made possible by my willingness and ability to constantly maintain a high vibration and consciousness through my inner-work, focus, intentions, daily practices…

I am delighted and honored to be able to serve in that way, in every moment, no matter what formal work engagements I may have or not have going on…

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