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Who am I & what is my purpose?

My life’s commitment is to the emergence of a New Earth, of a New Humanity.

I am dedicated to bringing Peace to the world, by bringing Peace to the hearts, minds and bodies of individuals who in turn, by radiantly shining their lights, show the way towards a whole new world raising at a higher frequency – a frequency of Love, Truth, and Freedom for all. And from there, Beauty just naturally stems…
This is the vision of evolution which I share, and to which I whole-heartedly participate.
[read here about how this vision drives and guides all of my work].

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Highly sensitive to the energies, the subtle patterns, trends and connections underlying the everyday world, I am constantly feeling the flow of life unfolding before me, bridging the seen and the unseen, interweaving physical and non-physical realities. This allows me to walk my path smoothly and confidently, always guided and supported – and when connecting with another to serve their highest good and their evolution, I share these same qualities to their benefit.

Trusting my connection with the inner-realms and the higher dimensions, I am gifted with a sharp, crystal-clear intuition. I perceive the meaning and purpose, the symbolic representations, the energetic flows and blocks which bring any situation into play, beyond what is appearing to the physical eyes, ears and minds.
I help others see themselves and their environments from many different perspectives and I often bring alternative, innovative, non-linear ways of looking at things… This founds my ability to reach to the very root of events, situations, blocks and obstacles; and from there, to guide through liberation and radical transformation.

Initially a business & management professional with 20 years of international experience in strategic marketing & business development, as well as a high-school teacher and a private tutor, I certified as a Master Practitioner in the UK in 2012 [Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Create Your Future] and trained as an  Energy Master in 2013.

I have walked the journey of transformation and rebirth myself, over years of un-wiring and rewiring myself into the person I really am, the one I was born to be. By embodying my True Self, I fully own my abilities and unique design, and engage them in the service of the highest good of all.

Together with my trusted friends / partners wherever it is necessary, I accompany others safely through their own journey, with vision, confidence, care, compassion and mastery – bringing lightness and fun into the process as much as I can!

I have successfully guided numerous individuals to problem resolution, healing, empowerment and radical personal transformation – as well as activated healers, teachers, guides, practitioners to their highest potential.

My motto? Allowing Truth & Beauty to emerge within all Hearts, Minds, Bodies & Spirits.

It is all written in my hands – and in the stars…

The markings in my hands – displaying a detailed map of our purpose, gifts, challenges and many other aspects of ourselves in this lifetime – show my specific abilities for exceptionally deep feeling and healing, radical transformation (to the point of rebirth), accessing highest intuitions and deepest inner wisdoms, and sharing with others to aid them through despairing life challenges.

In echo, the markings in my natal and current astrology charts present the powers I have been entrusted with: bringing regeneration and liberation, raising frequency and consciousness, responsible use of alchemy in highest integrity, mastership in service and healing – with a strong focus on feelings, intuition, creativity and spirituality.

As for the gift of my cosmic identity, it is to be interdimensional, a bridge between the seen and unseen worlds, an emissary of neutrality, an agent of connection, a holder of cyclic change…

It is my highest desire, my calling, my purpose to help and lead others to reveal the Truth & Beauty of who they really are, to ‘be ALL they can be ’, to ‘live ALL they can live. And it is what I am honored and delighted to do; guiding others safely and confidently to their core, where healing and liberation happen – where Truth & Beauty emerge from.

My signature is the depth into which I guide a person, that is only equalled and balanced by the highest vibration in which I hold them, bathed and infused in the pure, bright light – this is my most natural gift of presence, as I step aside a personal sense of self, to allow universal energies to flow and radiate through me.

In my free time and to support my personal development, I practice Qi Gong to raise and balance my inner energy, and more recently started with Kundalini Yoga which I also adore; I research and experiment with ways of transmitting energy to create new, powerful and effective approaches to non-verbal communication; I hang out with crystals and in nature, tapping into their highest vibration and contributing to the healing and evolution of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

And to come back to the ground and in daily life, I am passionate about creative cooking and enjoy nothing as much as preparing the perfect meal for my guest – or for myself 😉

>> This is my life & what I live for <<

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and what is this Hummingbird all about?, you may ask..


 .. also known as Kolibri, a perfect avatar, I may say!  😉