February 2023 Special Offer

SPECIAL OFFER: Freedom from Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness Workshop
~ Live on Wednesday, February 22nd (read the Feedback here!) ~ NOW OFFERED AS AN AUDIO FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEALING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ~ $55

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With Chiron, “The Wounded Healer” in astrology, being placed in Aries until 2027, the collective and personal wound of unworthiness is being exposed, and the whole of Humanity is summoned to proceed to its healing… even its eradication!

Our choice is whether to delay and drag ourselves through the duration of this astrological transit, and keep on carrying this old, heavy, depleting and disempowering burden ~ or take the matters in our hands NOW: reclaiming our power, sovereignty and magnificence, then modelling for and inspiring others…sop

The paradigm of unworthiness that has plagued Humanity for ages is now called to be dismantled, that we may rise to the occasion of the Ascension!

No one is immune to struggles with self-worth, self-esteem, and the loads of shame, blame, guilt and despair they come along with, possibly even anger to cover it all up!

Experienced in this lifetime in many forms and impacting so many aspects of your existence as you feel or believe yourself to be Unworthy of:

  • A person’s time (being heard), understanding and attention
  • Being loved
  • True and deep everlasting healing
  • Receiving — even unworthy of giving
  • Creating, of the right to create and contribute (‘who am I to…?’)
  • Abundance, prosperity and the good things in life
  • Healthy, supportive, mutually caring and respectful relationships 
  • Your own Power and Light
  • Intuitively knowing, feeling, seeing, hearing; unworthy of the Truth
  • Divine Grace & Love offered by every moment
  • Your gifts, talents and your Soul’s purpose
  • The realization of your Dreams and most heartfelt desires…

They are rooted way-back in the past, in your past lives and in your genealogical heritage… 

Trapped into self-perpetuating loops and patterns of unworthiness, you’ve lost the sense of your true value : the inherent, infinite value of your Divine, Sacred Self! 

Get out of the trap of unworthiness!

SPECIAL OFFER: Freedom from Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness Workshop
~ Live on Wednesday, February 22nd (read the Feedback here!) ~ NOW OFFERED AS AN AUDIO FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEALING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ~ $55

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This is for you if you’re wanting:

  • Resolution of physical, mental and emotional issues rooted in Unworthiness: 
    • Feeling depressed  
    • Burnout 
    • Despair
    • Guilt
    • Shame & blame (of self and others)
    • Alcoholism and other addictions  
    • Self-destruction, self-harm, self-neglect
    • Self-punishment, self-rejection, self-criticism and judgment
    • Anorexia
    • Bulimia
    • Overweight
    • Apathy
    • Headaches
    • Issues with nose (runny, stuffy) 
    • Lack of resilience, fragility, depletion and weakness 

> Healing is facilitated and catalyzed

  • Elimination of toxic co-dependent behaviors, unconsciously aiming at compensating Unworthiness:
    • Lashing out 
    • Passive-aggressiveness
    • Neediness, clinginess

> The need for such unconscious ways of compensating unworthiness, is eliminated

  • Removal of coping mechanisms adopted as patterns to attempt to gain a sense of worthiness
    • Hyperactivity and busy-ness in a hamster wheel, trying to ‘gain worthiness’ and prove oneself by doing, doing, doing!
    • Separation consciousness based on the belief in unworthiness: separation from the Divine, from Nature, from Oneness, from others, even from the True Self
    • Holding on to hierarchical structures and comparing, ranking, judging, dividing, opposing, controlling 
    • Putting others first, self-sacrifice (possibly along with bitterness)

> The root cause of such patterns of behavior & belief is pulled out and they simply disappear!

  • Unlocking, clearing, balancing the Whole Chakra System: 
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Root Chakra
      • Feeling unsafe, not belonging, insecure, fear of moving forward, fear of change, fear of abandonment
      • Body symptoms and illnesses in feet, legs, base of spine, immune system 
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Sacral Chakra
      • Lack of creative spark and creativity, inability to manifest, money issues, sexual issues 
      • Body symptoms and illnesses of the lower abdomen to navel area, sexual organs, large intestine, lower back, pelvis, appendix, bladder, hips 
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Power Center
      • Depleted self-power and disempowerment, low self-esteem and self-respect, lack of boundaries, self-doubt, reluctance to action-taking, procrastination
      • Body symptoms and illnesses in the abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, middle spine 
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Heart Center
      • Limited ability to love and feel loved, closed/shrunk heart, lack of self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness, inability to give and receive love, compliments, loving gestures 
      • Body symptoms and illnesses in the center of the chest, heart and circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands, ribs, breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Throat Chakra
      • Shyness, fear of speaking up, limited and weak personal expression, being judgmental and criticizing,  inability to make and communicate decisions, limited clairaudience 
      • Body symptoms and illnesses in the throat, thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, oesophagus, parathyroid, hypothalamus
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the 3rd Eye
      • Lack of intuition and access to Higher Guidance, inability to distinguish truth from illusion, lack of clairvoyance, feelings of inadequacy
      • Body symptoms and illnesses in the brain, nervous system, eyes, ears, nose, pineal and pituitary glands
    • Unworthiness blocks and weakens the Crown Chakra
      • Feelings of separation, spiritual disconnection, lack of faith, lack of trust in life and the universe, lack of courage, inspiration, devotion
      • Energetic disorders, spiritual depression, chronic exhaustion that is not linked to a physical disorder, extreme sensitivities to light and sound 

Clearing the Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness sets you free from the strong hold of a stress web that has far-too-long kept you trapped in loops and patterns of stuckness, sickness, smallness, meaninglessness… 

Only by uprooting them at EACH point of origin, on all 3 lines of your past lives, maternal and paternal lineages, can you liberate yourself from the toxic grasp of unworthiness ~ and finally step into Your Magnificence!

SPECIAL OFFER: Freedom from Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness Workshop
~ Live on Wednesday, February 22nd (read the Feedback here!) ~ NOW OFFERED AS AN AUDIO FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEALING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ~ $55

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Healing your wounds of Unworthiness brings your life experience to a whole new level: your Magnificence naturally emanates in every moment, as you walk the Radiant path of your Soul’s Journey!

  • No more hiding or distortions of your Self
    > Freedom to be your True Self, just as you’ve been divinely created!
  • No more spiritual disconnection
    > Know and experience the Divine within and all around yourself
  • No more excuses, self-sabotage, stuckness and procrastination
    > Be empowered to step forward and up with the projects, creations and initiatives that are dear to your Heart
  • No more shrinking yourself and your life
    > Embrace and own your Gifts, Talents and rightful inheritance with Brilliance!
    > Reclaim your ability to create, manifest, enjoy abundance and prosperity
  • No more emptiness and meaningless existence
    > Step into your path of Highest Service
    > Fulfil your Soul’s Purpose in this incarnation
  • No more giving up on your Dreams
    > Recover the deep knowing that you CAN make your Dreams come true!
  • No more toxic codependent relationships
    > Naturally establish and hold healthy boundaries
    > Develop and enjoy meaningful, mutually nourishing and inspiring connections, interactions and relationships
  • No more being silenced, by yourself or others
    > Reclaim your Right and Ability to express yourself and your views 

Simply: No more unworthiness!
> Perceive the Truth beyond the toxic, obsolete, collective  misconception and delusion of unworthiness!
> Be an inspiring role model for others!

SPECIAL OFFER: Freedom from Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness Workshop
~ Live on Wednesday, February 22nd (read the Feedback here!) ~ NOW OFFERED AS AN AUDIO FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEALING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ~ $55

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THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! In the safe, sacred space of your personal Crystalline Chamber of Light, we’ll:

  • Call forth the highest, purest light of the Great Central Sun, for healing, dissolution and revelation. 
  • Bring the Orb of Truth for revelation and recollection of the treasures of wisdom held at the roots of the karmic entanglements
  • Clear the Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness, at all 4 levels, for a systematic and thorough clearing ~ with the Guidance and Support of the Lipika, Scribes of Karma:
    • In your aura (relating to this current incarnation)
    • In your Past Timeline
    • In your Genealogical Maternal Line
    • In your Genealogical Paternal Line

You’ll release the karmic entanglements that keep you in loops and patterns of unworthiness. Presenting themselves as a cobweb, these karmic entanglements may be experienced as entrapment in a web of wires, even barbed wires piercing into your Being, or rubber bands pulling you back into loops from which there seems to be no way out…

Holding in place the cobweb of karmic entanglements are bundles of strings anchored in the aura where they create pressure, congestion, attachments, limitations (and ever-more wounding of unworthiness) and extending into the past timelines (personal and genealogical) where they are rooted with knots ~ these were created by fractures from the Divine Self, leading to wounding experiences of separation between the Higher Self and the Human Self… where the natural sense of Divine Worthiness got lost.

In each of the 4 clearings:

. Unique, precious Pearls of Wisdom are collected, empowering your evolution to operate at a new, higher level of yourSelf: magnificent, sovereign and empowered!

. Fracture points are healed as the karmic lessons are retrieved

. Karmic knots are untied and the residual emotions, beliefs, patterns and energies are completely cleared: returned to Nothingness

. Entanglements of your wounds of unworthiness, that had so far prevented true and complete healing and liberation, are cleared

. Awareness of the presence of the Divine within is restored, natural power is reclaimed as the power of the Divine within!

. Past sources of wounding of unworthiness (your past and that of your ancestors) are uprooted so that you really can be free to invite, receive, hold and emanate the Divine Presence in your liberated self

. Perceptions from old wound-based distortions and projections are freed

. Your Blueprint of Divine Perception is restored and actualized

. Upgrades to your perception from multiple dimensions and frequencies are made ~ your perception of the Divine within and all around you!

All of this sets you free to step out of the whole paradigm of unworthiness ~ and be an agent of Divine Service, modelling Empowerment and Sovereignty… 

You’ll naturally inspire others with their own Healing and Liberation: reclaiming their Magnificence, just as you did!

End unworthiness NOW!

SPECIAL OFFER: Freedom from Karmic Entanglements of Unworthiness Workshop
~ Live on Wednesday, February 22nd (read the Feedback here!) ~ NOW OFFERED AS AN AUDIO FOR YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEALING AT YOUR CONVENIENCE ~ $55

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If you have any questions, please do reach out to me by email sophiebidard555@gmail.com 🙂