different formats for different needs

In 2015-16, I have been experimenting and practicing with transmission of pure light from Source, connecting with various individuals, with various results and outcomes – ALL tremendously insightful, mind opening, healing, liberating, transforming….. and who knows what else, with a lot -A LOT- being received beyond words and conscious awareness.
On 11.11.2016, I expanded the practice to a whole group of individuals around the world, validated the collective approach – and ‘received agreement’ to proceed with this way of service which I perceive and fully embrace at the moment as the core of my purpose on Earth.

Energy transmission of pure light from Source are now offered in a variety of formats:

> 1-1 transmission, in-person or distant
(distant: via skype or no formal communication)

> group transmissions, in-person or distant
(distant: via skype or no formal communication)

> individual transmission in the context of a collective event: energy transmission focused on the teacher, healer, artist…, while they are performing with their audience

> group transmission to whole audiences of workshops, seminars, festivals…

Contact me to consider together the opportunity of our connection and collaboration, to infuse your work, your service with pure light from Source.

And of course if you have other ideas of possible formats, we will discuss and evaluate them together – I am always happy and excited to experiment new ways and create new possibilities  🙂