Crystal art – Grids creation


For your home, your office, your garden…
For your heart, your mind, your eyes and inner-eye…
For your special day, your event, gathering, festival, or for a gift…
For yourself, your family, your guests, your partners and audiences…

I create magnificent, powerful, enlightening Crystal Grids
tailored to your intentions,
delivered with attunement by flowing pure light from Source,
giving birth to a whole new energy field encompassing you, your intentions, your grid and your space.

Shapes, colors, sizes, positions…
Flowing, anchoring, clearing, radiating…
Harmony, contrast, complementarity, balance…
Space, wholeness, connections, movement…
all come together in a unique, beauty-full, intuitively-created design.

Not only pleasing the eye, they offer beyond-the-visible delightful esthetics, feelings, inspirations…
they animate the space with a subtle dance of colors and light…
they blend, clarify, magnify your intentions, your energy, your space’s energy…
they bring together all the benefits of the stones, plus those of the display, complementarity and interactions, collective field, activation and energy transmission, esthetics, inspiration….

They are catalysts, alchemists, healers, master teachers…
raising consciousness as they share their beauty and power.
They are portals, vortices, gateways to other dimensions…
bringing inspiration to your dreams, focus-points to your meditations,
they feed your intuition and allow you to communicate beyond words.

Radiant pillars of light, they are anchored deep into the core of the Earth,
tapping into the highest, purest source of light with which they are attuned and activated.
An altar in themselves, they act as a connector to the higher realms,
grounding your intentions, writing them energetically, uploading them so they can again download into the physical reality – as above so below.

They bring healing, clearing, appeasement ; or excitement, lifting up, raising vibration…
depending on your needs of the moment.
In all creations, is included at least one piece of clear Quartz Crystal,
that which I consider the Master Crystal, with the energy signature of universality
– in its transparency, it holds in itself and radiates the vibrations and energies of all colors of the rainbow, and beyond… A most dedicated servant, it delivers whatever is needed and enhances the power of all other crystals with which it is combined…

As does their creator/designer,
they are all, and always, and only, serving the Highest Good of All.
They constantly emanate this vibration, this energy,
affecting for their highest good all who come in contact with them,
visually, by touch or by presence in their field.

Bringing the goodness of Nature in your space,
and enhancing them in your outdoors,
they are produced with carefully and lovingly selected crystals,
and materials of the highest quality,
all energetically cleared, charged and activated, attuned to your intentions.

They are offered in a choice of formats and modes of delivery
and can be tailored to your specifications on-demand ;
every aspect can be adapted to your desires: size, materials, symbols, special requests
– all can be accommodated, for this creation to be the most perfect, delightful, inspiring, and life-enhancing for you.

They are waiting to be birthed and to serve you…
Can you hear their call?
Find me [] if you feel their tickling, already reaching out to you.
As we get to know each other, we will figure out together the specifications of this perfect creation for you.
I am so looking forward to our exchanges,
and will be most honored to be serving you, the crystal kingdom and the Highest Good, in my most inspired and creative way 🙂
Thank you.

*  *  *  *  *