meet the artist


Crystals have been a most important part of my life for the past 10 years… they are friends, companions, helpers, collaborators; I host them in my living and working space, carry them in my pockets always, in my mouth sometimes 😉 and on my body as jewellery; I gift them to friends and closed ones as gestures of love and care; I engage them for my own benefit of inner-work, guidance and evolution, as well as in my service to people and the Earth.
They do not have to be large, but can be; they do not have to be rare, but can be… I honor them for the beauty in their shapes, colors, textures, and above all, the feeling that emanates from their presence.
They are my element of predilection, it almost feels to me like what is running through my veins is not blood but some sort of liquid crystal! This is how close and familiar they feel to me. Our relationship is beyond words, deep, intimate, vibrant, mutually serving and supporting… I know as I feel it in my heart, they are there for me just as much as I am there for them, as through my work and practices they find their highest purpose, they deliver their highest service.
I have been named a ‘Crystal Nerd’, not so much for my ‘book smarts’ as for the passion I have for them, which is all about feeling and intuition. One of my favorite missions is to find the perfect piece for an occasion, a person, a gift, and I let myself be intuitively guided or called to the ideal answer – always spot-on! And a joke has been that my romantic date of choice is… a moonlight walk to the Crystal store!! 🙂

In designing and creating Crystal Grids, I bring together the subtle power of each individual stone, the complementarity and interactions between all featured, the positions and relationships and energy flows thus created – combined with the energy transmissions of pure light from Source I activate them with. They become permanent holders and sharers of this highest and purest energy, in service to the highest good and evolution of all.
It is a creative work of intuition, energy flow and esthetics, in which symbols and sacred geometry also take part, consciously and unconsciously.
Whether they are aware of it or not, whether they are appreciative of it or not, everyone in their presence will be touched, affected, positively changed… Large or small, complex or simple, colorful or sober, every Crystal Grid I create is a pillar of light, anchored deep into the core of the Earth, radiating the highest vibrations that serve, guide and support the emergence of a New Earth in which the values of love, peace, truth, freedom and feeling are prominent. They are my concrete and yet subtle, lasting contribution to the evolution of Earth, humanity and all earthly beings.

I hope and trust they will reach out to you in the way that is most perfect, elegant and powerful.
I would be most honored to serve you and serve them, in bringing together the Crystals, design and energy that are an ideal match for you.
Thank you,

*  *  *  *  *