the creative process

From the moment of your ordering your Crystal Grid, to the moment you own it in your space…

  • initial briefing, face-to-face or on skype
    connection, feeling, intuitive perceptions ; statement of intentions ; specifications
    [personal sessions are offered on-demand, to define or refine your intentions or any aspect of your order if you feel the need to be guided]
  • submission and approval of quotation for any non-standard specifications (Crystals, materials, additional services…)
  • additional exchanges by email if needed during the whole process
  • intuitive research, consultation with vendors and experts as needed, inspiration
  • gathering of Crystals and all required materials
  • energy clearing and blending of Crystals and all materials
    getting together, connecting, creating unity, cohesion, consistency
  • intuitive design of ‘draft’ grid in my studio
  • energetic clearing of your space, which will host your new Crystal Grid
  • creation of your Crystal Grid in your space, validation, fine-tuning
  • energetic activation of your Crystal Grid in alignment with your intentions
  • connection and attunement of your Crystal Grid with yourself and your space by energy transmission  of pure light from Source
    [personal sessions are offered on-demand, to complete or enhance the delivery of your Crystal Grid: guided meditations, energy transmissions with Q&A, tarot reading, astrology reading, personal development and transformation sessions, sound bath, concert or other artistic event…]
  • for-life, free-of-charge energetic maintenance  (only travel expenses), through energy clearing, re-charging, re-activation, re-attunement, by transmissions of pure light from Source.

For distant-delivery of grids (HQ photographic and Grid-in-a-Box) the process is adapted by delivering over skype the energy transmissions of pure light from Source ; and your space can not be energetically cleared for you, but guidance will be offered for you to proceed to it yourself.

*  *  *  *  *