a few samples

From my personal collection, and just casually playing around with stones and things…

As you look at them, dive into them, can you feel them… and maybe hear them speak to you, guide you, inspire you without even any word? 😉


Featured above are “Energy of One” – “Chi, or Spiralling Energy” – “Root back to Source” – “Blessing” – “Sweet Love” – “Manifestation Machine” – “from the Source” – “Honoring the Moon” – “Grand Manitoo” – “Circle of Wisdom” – “Light & Clear” – “Just Hanging Out“.
Sophie Bidard, January 2017.


These are earlier creations. Featured above are: “Sacred Heart“, “12122016 Energy of Completion“, “Anchoring the Light“, “Honoring Little Sandpiper“, “Calling Shiva“, “In Service 13122016“, “Gaialactic Connection Complete“, “Pure Light From Source“, “Question of Highest Service“.
Sophie Bidard, 2016.

More and more NEW creations, pretty much every day… many are posted HERE, check them out!

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and for the fun… the most spontaneous grid ever!!! titled “Just Like That” 🙂