a blending of energies, in service to the highest good

My role and purpose on Earth is dedicated to the evolution of humanity, the whole planet and all its inhabitants, by serving as a pure conduit for Source light.

Over the past decade I have devoted myself, my whole existence to creating the purest conduit – devoid of ego, of personal agenda, living by “not my, but Thy will be done“- fully dedicated to the service of the highest good of all.

During this journey of healing, self-discovery, self-owning really, I found out that I am “not really from here”, or one may say “really not from here”!! 😉

The way I am designed to best operate is actually to CO-operate: to COnnect in order to CO-create.

It is common knowledge that ‘when 2 come together in service’, their effect is magnified and expanded; their outcome greatly exceeds that of 2 individuals working separately or side-by-side.

But in addition to this typical ‘magnifier effect of collaborative work’, what I personally bring to play has something more to it: due to the vibration and energies I naturally carry, my presence and involvement contribute as a direct connection with Source, allowing to tap into its purest light. 

I best co-operate with what I call ‘Beings of the Earth’ – healers, spiritual teachers and leaders, creators… persons who do carry a strong Earth energy, having ‘walked the Earth’ many many times, over many many lifetimes. These connections hold a quality to them, something very special – it is the coming together of an individual carrying non-Earthly energies with an individual carrying Earthly energies.

In these hybrid, Earthly/non-Earthly connections, the CO-junction (conjunction) of our intentions to serve the highest good of all creates a unique device, flowing a blend of these Earthly/non-Earthly energies. This brings about a flow of the highest vibration, tapped right at the Source, which anchors deep into the Earth, straight to its core.

For the fun and a touch of poetry, I like to call these “Gaia-lactic” connections and energies, honoring the deep Earth aspect coming together with the Galactic aspect  🙂

Gaialactic connections and energies are intended for co-creation always and only for the highest good, with application in a variety of fields: thought processes, personal and planetary healing, art and creativity, verbal and non-verbal communications, individual and collective evolution, …

image credits unknown, used with much gratitude, thank you  🙂