“Don’t sweat the small stuff”??!

Don’t sweat the small stuff..
~ in other words: the heart is a Forgiveness Muscle.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.. I have just realized a meaning of this expression.. it has been bugging me for quite a while.. I get annoyed with this cheap wisdom ‘don’t do that’ that leaves me helpless… don’t sweat the small stuff?? so what do I do instead? ignore it and leave it there to pile up and maybe to rotten? let it go? go where? how does it go? drives me insane…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to walk with sand in my shoes..
I don’t like to live in a house full of old crumbs and dust..

So what do I do with the small stuff?

Well, here is what I found: we can forgive it; we can choose to use it as a material for learning, training, practicing forgiveness – and growing a Forgiveness Muscle.

Yes, we train on the little things. We don’t train on the very morning of the Olympics, no – that morning we warm up, concentrate, and make sure to be at our best. The training has taken place in the weeks, months, years before we made it to the Grand Finale. That is how we are ready, confident, and bring our best into the game.

Over the last 10 days, I have bumped into so many situations, have had so much ‘stuff’ blowing up in my face – and not the small stuff this time, but the real-deep-heavy stuff that can keep one stuck or knock them down for good…
And yet at the end of the week I turn back and looking at the chain of events and shifts, I wonder for a moment: how did I get through, so smoothly afterall, so swiftly? how did it not knock me down for weeks or months?
I recall the video game scene in the movie The Beach and see myself running, running, hitting a block, BOOM!! forgiveness, back on my feet, running, running, fall in a hole, BOOM!! forgiveness, back on my feet….

How did I do that, I sincerely ask myself, amazed?

Well, I did not even plan it, it just happened: Forgiveness.
Forgiveness at each and every step.
Forgiveness dissolving each and every block, tie, hook, injury…
Forgiveness happening almost spontaneously, there was not much thinking on my side and certainly no strategizing… too busy just keeping alive breathing in a flood of tears…

And so again, how did I do that, I ask myself?

For sure, Forgiveness has been a conscious choice of mine long ago – after I tasted its sweet medicine. And I have been guided and prompted to forgiveness, I have literally been taught the wisdom of forgiveness through my own work with myself, and with others as well [for reference: FORGIVENESS PROJECT – “Oprostaj daje Slobodu ~ and other articles on my website].
That “I highly value forgiveness” is for me an under-statement…

And so, over the years, I have learnt, practiced, adopted, totally integrated Forgiveness as a way of healing, as a way of liberation – as a way of life, really.

And then the time comes, these last 10 days, when the amount and magnitude of what presents itself to me, current stuff, old stuff, ancient stuff, my stuff, not-my-stuff…. so much and so huge and so deep, that this is the time of Olympics – and my Forgiveness Muscle is ready, it is more than ready, it is gold-medal-ready!!!
And I pass rather smoothly, a few packets of paper tissues later, through a passage which could have sickened me for weeks or months and left me on the ground in recovery for more weeks or months.

A forgiving heart is a powerful muscle for healing and liberation.

Forgiveness is a choice.
And sometimes it happens instantly; sometimes it is a whole journey.
But it starts with making that choice, and already the burdens are lessened, and we are guided and supported in our journey.
Sometimes we are lost or feel helpless, we can simply ask – even if I don’t know how, I choose to forgive (to forgive others, to forgive situations.. to forgive myself above all) and I ask to be guided and supported.
And we are, guided, and supported, and one fine morning we realize as I just did, the invincible powerfulness of our Forgiveness Muscle.

Forgiveness is a decision we can choose to make at every occasion – or we can claim it as a way of life, we can claim and grow a forgiving heart for ourselves.

And one fine morning realize the truth of this statement:
[A Course in Miracles].

All this reminds me of the story from “the Mysteries of Kung Fu”
There is an old Shaolin story that goes like this:
A young man was accepted into the Shaolin school. He showed up to his first lesson excited to learn.

The old monk led the young man to a raised pool and told him to slap the water.

When the young man came back to class the next day, the monk told him to go to the pool and slap the water.
Day after day, this was the only task he was given.

After 12 months, the young man became so frustrated that he broke his instruction and went to the monk who was eating breakfast. The young man demanded a lesson, slamming his hand down on the heavy wooden breakfast table, which immediately broke in half.

The monk looked up at the young man and said, “you’re ready for your next lesson.”

Don’t sweat the small stuff… forgive it! and be a master at the big stuff!! 🙂