Less thinking, more feeling

How about this, a NO-THOUGHT challenge..??

For one day, one week, or as long as we want and maybe permanently,
how about to set our intention on thinking less, feeling more,
and retraining our minds and our selves into less thinking, more feeling…?

Of course, it is not easy to allow ourselves to FEEL whatever is there to be felt, when our hearts, our minds, our bodies are burdened with the weight of past pains, sorrows, traumas.
This is what makes the deep release of past emotions ESSENTIAL to our moving forward into higher consciousness (for feeling goes along with consciousness) and the reason this is such a significant aspect of my work, with people of all ages and all profiles.

But already right now, if only on the surface, we can shift towards more feeling (hence more consciousness) by simply catching ourselves, every time we are about to say or write “I think…” and ask ourselves, what do I feel, instead of this thinking? or how do I feel, what do I feel about these thoughts?

And already we invite and welcome more feeling, less thinking
– and below the surface, our deepening can begin…

And we are supported in our desire to feel more, to feel deeper,
be free from the burdens from the past
that shield us from truly feeling the present.
The right help, resources, guides, friends are available
and we can get it done 🙂

So, how does this feel?