Acceptance brings choice

Acceptance is a big theme of the moment.
It seems to be present, openly or in disguise, in just every second conversation.

If there is a wall in front of me, I can choose to accept its presence, or choose to refuse to accept that it is there.

One will bring only suffering – refusing to see the wall, I will keep bumping or crashing into it. Auch!

The other will bring CHOICE, opportunities, openings…

When I accept the presence of the wall that actually IS there in front of me, I can choose amongst many options:

  • stand or sit in front of the wall and cry 
  • smash it down to the ground
  • jump or climb above the wall, or dig a hole to pass below
  • get around it, find a way to the other side
  • turn back and take a whole new direction

It seems many people resist or refuse the way of acceptance, because they confuse it with submission – or for whatever other reason…

ACCEPTANCE of WHAT IS – not only is the one healthy way.
It the one empowering as well.

Acceptance or resistance…
How do they feel in your body when you consider these alternatives?
And which one will you choose?