Cosmic Forgiveness – here & now

A pool of forgiveness, Cosmic Forgiveness, is wrapped around the Earth at this time, in these times of tremendous evolution, of liberation from the past and creation of a whole new world, birthing of a whole new humanity, rising of whole new paradigms…

It is available for each of us to tap into. It is there, at our reach.
It is there to serve and to be served from, or to be serving with
– but it is up to us, to each of us individually, and to all of us collectively, to actually reach out for it and tap into it, to flow the nectar of forgiveness within and around us, to flood the Earth with a cosmic wave of the deepest healing and renewing forgiveness.

Let’s put the past where it belongs, let it rest in peace at last, and take with us on our way on, only the love that ever was.


Freedom to love fully again, freedom to move forward, freedom to connect higher and deeper, freedom to create in new ways…

Even if I dont know how, I choose to forgive, I choose to be forgiven, I choose to forgive myself – and I ask to be guided and supported, for my highest good, my evolution, and in service to the highest good of all.

And so it is.