Choosing a whole new game

– Metaphor of the Rugby-Game-Gone-Mad –

Rugby is a rather brutal game, usually kept decent by application of rules which are enforced by referees. There are goals which attainment creates progression, friction, tension, victory and defeat… just like in life.

Now let’s imagine a Rugby game gone mad, for no matter what reason, and there could be many, but it is not important here.

In this Rugby-game-gone-mad, one team clearly dominates and with all its strength it forces its victory upon the other team which gets badly beaten up. The game goes on, and maybe with a blind eye from the referees, even maybe with their consent – and the dominating team not only scores all the goals, gets all the points, but does it with utmost violence, taking every opportunity to push and kick the defeated team until they are crashed, lying on the floor bleeding, begging for a break if only to catch their breath.

What would be a reasonable answer to this situation? To end the game, simply and immediately. To put an end to the massacre and make sure both teams never meet again.

Now, to me, this is what our society, actually our whole world looks like right now.
Everywhere I look, I see a rugby-game-gone-mad, a game of domination in which an oppressor crashes a victim while the public is either cheering for the winner or crying for the looser, and the observers report more or less accurate or possibly biased descriptions of the situation.
Everywhere I look, I see a similar template in which one or one group dominates while a minority or oppressed group gets smashed, under supervision of an audience, coaches, judges and reporters.

That is quite a sick situation in itself, and it has come to a point where I do not see how negotiations, punishment, mediation for a fair-er game would lead anywhere else than allowing the mad game to happen again somewhere, allowing another game to get out of control and that, out of proportion.

The way I see it – the only way out is to simply STOP the game; to get out of it. To stop playing the crazy rugby game, to stop cheering for it, to stop observing and commenting on it, to stop trying to change it or trying to fix it – TO JUST STOP IT. To drop the ball, get out of the field, throw the rules and the equipment and the whole game itself away, to burn them down if needed.

AND TO GET INTO A WHOLE NEW GAME. To play tennis maybe, or golf, or to go surfing – or maybe sit for a moment and read a book or look at the stars in the sky. Or to create whole new, totally different game ruled by hearts, ruled by love, ruled by truth, inspired by peace, promoting freedom, enhancing feelings…

As long as we give attention to the Rugby-game-gone-mad in a way or another, by playing it, cheering for it, observing it, reporting and commenting on it, even trying to change it or wondering where and how and why it has gone mad – as long as we are involved in or with this game in a way or another, we give it energy, we give it existence, we give it life – we keep entertaining it and re-creating it.

There is only one way out of the insanity of this game – it is OUT of the game.

Not only game over, with a chance to start over, NO – really Game no more!

Now, Rugby is a sport in which players get dirty, in the mud, and supporters and observers get all excited.
We would not want the mud and excitement to take over our golf or tennis fields or to crash into a reading circle.
No, before entering or creating a new game, we would make sure the players wash and clean themselves and heal their wounds while supporters and observers calm down and come back to their senses; and all come to peace, having mutually exchanged forgiveness, recognizing that all were part of a game gone mad and out of control; that no matter how and why this happened, all took part of it and played their role to their best; to agree to drop the game for good and leave it all behind, with the gratitude of knowing that this insanity will have taught them to choose for a higher game for all, a game of love, a game of truth and peace and freedom and feeling.

This is the ONE option to humanity now. No matter what our roles and responsibilities are, in no matter what aspect of the game, to simply get OUT of it, to stop playing, stop watching and cheering and commenting and discussing, to CHOOSE something else and make it happen by healing the wounds of what has been, bringing all to forgiveness, and DECIDING for something new and of a higher meaning and vibration.