To rise, drop the deadweight

Imagine for a moment, that upon some sort of apocalypse or for whatever other reason, Earth was to be evacuated and spaceships would rescue populations to take them to another planet and start over again, create new civilizations, new life experiences – which I doubt is on the menu in this way! ๐Ÿ˜‰ rather we are to rescue ourselves and create anew on this very planet Earth… a whole New Earth.
But that is another discussion…

So, imagine getting on board the rescue ships, destination a whole new world, a whole new life…
Would you take with you on the ships all your baggage, all your ‘belongings’, material, mental, emotional, all your cumbersome ‘stuff’?
Would you take with you all your burdens, your emotionally loaded memories, your trauma – received, inflicted, witnessed, inherited?

Or would you take the opportunity to start anew – with only the new?
Would you take the opportunity to leave it all behind, to unburden, unload and set yourself free as you get on board a rescue ship?
Would you choose a clean slate, untouched by the traces of a not-so-glorious past?

Would you maybe even decide, putting all chances on your side for a whole new beginning, to go through a chamber of decontamination, thus making sure you take within you only the pure, the good and the true – the love that is in you, and the gratitude for what has been – having dissolved and eliminated from your inner-system, deep to your core, all traces of anger, sadness, fear, pain, guilt, shame and despair?

Or would you cling to these old dusty, rusty -maybe radioactive (*)- relics?
And take the risk to be rejected at the boarding gate, to be refused access to the rescue ships for the threat of contamination (*) you carry with you?

This is an imaginary scenario, however it is similar to what is happening in a way right here, right now, on our planet.
No rescue ships, no new planet for destination – it is all to happen here.
Together with the Earth and all its inhabitants, humanity is called to rise into higher vibration, higher consciousness, higher expressions of ourselves.

And like the hot-air balloons, we can only rise by dropping the deadweight – the past traumas, karma, burdens, all has to be dropped and left behind so we can rise.
This is no longer an option, but a mandatory requirement.
The option left to the individual in their free-will is how soon they will proceed to their letting go, their release, their total liberation from the burden and contamination of the past – or how long they will delay, thus creating an experience of agony for themselves.

My personal choice is in favour of – the sooner, the better.
But everyone has their own timing and it will happen no matter what.
The good news is, there are tools, processes, support, guides available to all, and in all shapes and formats to suit individual preferences.

It is now possible, it is now desirable, it is now to happen.

All it takes is to choose, to decide: ‘even if I don’t know how, I choose to set myself free from the burdens of the past and I ask to be guided and supported‘.
And the upward journey begins.
And you set the pace, as you drop the deadweight you gain in altitude and get higher and lighter and free-er…

Enjoy the ride! ๐Ÿ™‚

(*) on the notion that emotional burdens from the past are more than a deadweight and rather a radioactive load, read the paper on Emotional Mastery.