Zero-point of self – or – Beware the ego eight (8)!

Reflecting upon the polarities of the ego,
observing how they present a figure eight (8).

Above, is the inflating ego;
the one that makes us feels bigger, more important, more special than we are.
It is loud, pushy, smashy, in-your-face;
superior, dominating, possibly aggressive verbally, emotionally, physically…

Below, is the depleting ego;
the one that makes us feel smaller, more insignificant, more dull than we are.
It is shutting down, hiding, shrinking, avoiding;
inferior, submissive, possibly a victim of verbal, emotional, physical aggression…

As above, so below.

Not one is more healthy than the other, not one is more recommendable, not one is more acceptable* – they are both just the same, in another shape, color or size, they are both sides of the same coin.

* pardon me, they ARE acceptable – in the sense of observing: this is where I am at; they are not acceptable as a destination, as the true essence of who we are and where from we are to experience our lives, relationships, journeys…

They are both trapping us in seemingly endless loops;
the upward loop of the inflating ego and its endless circles of thoughts and overgrown emotions;
the downward loop of the depleting ego and its endless circles of thoughts and draining emotions.

figure 8 horiz

Can you recognize yourself, see and feel yourself looping up? or looping down?
Some of us are even skilled in acrobatics, looping up and down, and up and down;
small loops, or possibly huge loops, all the way to the extremes!

Can you feel the insanity of this perpetual movement, looping up, looping down, or looping up and down?
Can you realize how much it is sterile in that it goes on and on and on, just the same?
Can you get the measure of how much vital energy is spent in running these loops?

If you find yourself mostly looping up, or looping down, just pause for a moment and get a sense of whether you are in balance, and whether your whole life is in balance, in some equilibrium and free flow?

If you find yourself acrobatically looping up and down, from one extremes to the other, just pause for a moment and get a sense of whether you are in balance, and whether your whole life is in balance, in some equilibrium and free flow?

How would it be to just STOP this endless, compulsory, possibly insane, sickening movement?
How would it feel to stand in peace in the middle, at the point where the loops meet, at the ZERO-POINT?

The zero-point is the place of non-ego;
the place of total, natural balance.
The place where ego is neither inflating, neither depleting.

I know, some will say, there is no place of no ego,
ego is a feature of human-ness.
I will not enter this discussion.

Let it be so, the whole point of the zero-point is that we are no longer ruled by our ego and its up and down variations;
reclaiming our sovereignty, we are the masters of ourselves, of our lives, of our experiences and relationships, of our journeys – doing so from the true essence of our selves;
while the ego is just quiet, neutral, dormant, inoffensive.

How would that be for you? How would that feel? Can you start to imagine?

Life at the zero-point is where dynamic balance is the order;
outside of polarities, away from extremes, all is accessible, all is possible,
the demands of the very moment define the direction, and just as in nature,
all spontaneously flows towards balance.

Life at the zero-point is where from we can access the highest truth – the truest truth 😉
Life at the zero-point is all natural and flows with infinite love.
Life at the zero-point is the source of the deepest and most vibrant peace.
Life at the zero-point is filled with freedom, and guided by clear feelings.

Life at the zero-point is where we experience and express the infinite richness of our multi-dimensionality.

zero point

Away from the crazy loops of the ego 8, life at the zero-point looks like a constant fireworks from our inside > out: it is how we shine and we share and radiate our most luminous colors.

All we need to do is to decide, to choose for ourselves to step out of the insane game of polarities, the insane game of looping up or down or up and down under the dictate of the ego;
to choose for ourselves to step into the zero-point – to enjoy, and stay there!

Even if I don’t know how, I choose to step out of my ego 8, I choose to fully step into my zero-point and I ask to by guided and supported ” – saying these words in your mind or out loud as a mantra, writing them down as a contract with yourself, will surely and definitely get you started in this journey, and all you have to do is to diligently follow guidance, with determination until you get there…

The joy, the richness, the peace, the subtlety of the experience are exhilarating and beyond words, you will have to feel it for yourself.
But your heart knows, so if you need a boost, ask you heart if that is right for you.
And if it is, my suggestion is for you to go for it, NOW!
And I will see you there 🙂

 *  *  *  *  *

PS – all that being written, it is not about the 8, of course!
I do have great appreciation for the 8, its balance and harmony, endless flow,
in vertical connection figure 8 horiz
and in horizontal infinite exchanges, figure 8 vert
giving and receiving…