New Earth Mission – a Starseed Perspective…


Name them Starseeds or Star PeopleVolunteersBeings from Other Dimensions
They came to Earth to answer a call for help, raising the vibration of the planet and whole humanity, and supporting the evolution towards a new paradigm, a new energy – a New Earth really.
They are here now, doing their work of service with diligence and dedication.
As one of them, I would like to share a few insights with you here.

New Earth Crew

The New Earth Crew is a mixed collective of Starseed Beings, and what we could name ‘Earthbound Beings’ or Old Souls on Earth – highly spiritual individuals (healers, energy workers, artists, spiritual teachers and leaders…) who have had many many incarnations on the planet, thus carry a deeply anchored Earth energy signature. They bring Earth wisdom, ancient esoteric knowledge and skills, but also heavy karma accumulated through these many incarnations.

This is opposite to Starseeds who have had only few incarnations on Earth, if any at all – indeed, a large proportion have never been in a body, never experienced physical reality ever before, which allows them to bring a whole new energy, and carry different, non-Earthly frequencies and vibrations.

As a Starseed, I experience very peculiar connections with Earthbound spiritual individuals – many times have we come in contact with an unusual ease of communication and mutual understanding; not however, as if we had already met before, or we would be of a similar nature or energy, quite on the contrary… rather it is in the sense that we are ‘supposed to’ meet, our connection is of such high service that we instantly recognize each other’s energy signatures as ‘one with whom I am to talk, exchange, work, serve…’

The joining of these 2 energies, the Earth energy together with the Non-Earthly energy, creates an energetic blend of a whole new kind which is of highest service and essential to the birthing and evolution of the New Earth.

I have coined the concept of Gaialactic Connections – as the combination and blending of Earthly (Gaia) and non-Earthly (Galactic) energies in service to the highest good of all. I use every opportunity to incorporate them in my work and service, as well as offer in-person or remote Gaialactic energy transmissions.

Mission statement

The role of the Starseeds is to bring a pure, high vibration energy to help raise the vibration of the planet and all its beings. To do so, they act as anchors for the pure light from Source, as well as bringers of tools and processes for healing and transformation; messengers for guidance, insights and wisdom from higher realms and perspectives; and role models for new ways of existence for humanity.

Starseeds have come to Earth as 3 waves of volunteers, each holding specific roles, including that granted to 1st and 2nd waves of preparing the coming of the 3rd wave children – who are now ‘born ready’, with already activated DNA; they actually are born ON/TO the New Earth.

Besides, individual missions take many different forms and expressions and may include being placed at relevant locations around the world, where from they would anchor and spread the new energies, into the ground itself, as well as among people.

For myself as an example, it has included moving from Paris, France, to Belgrade, Serbia, right in the center of Europe as a way to impact the whole of the continent’s population – a move that was seemingly motivated by personal reasons having nothing to do with being of service as a Starseed – only upon agreeing to this relocation, following strong intuitive prompts and dedicating myself and my journey to higher service, did it reveal itself once I was ready to awaken to it.
It seems on top of this, that this Belgrade location holds a number of spiritual power places and has not yet fully disclosed all reasons for having me here…

A whole system of Starseed astrological markings has been identified, providing, together with a ‘Starseed confirmation’, a complete profile of the characteristics, mission, role, abilities of the individual.

By the specific markers in my astrological chart it appears that the core of my mission has a strong focus on the rising and balancing of the divine feminine and divine masculine – this being a key to evolution of society out of patriarchy into a new, higher paradigm; and the evolution of individuals into fully aware wholeness, balance and integration, which in turn offers the opportunity to step out of duality and rise in vibration and consciousness, into whole new levels…

Along with this core, the choices I made and responses I gave to presenting opportunities have gotten me into whole other areas of development, evolution and service which were not on my initial mission statement.
In particular, I have set my intention on the following contributions:

> eradicating fear from the surface of the Earth – a collective effort, high on my priority list
> guiding those who want it to live in True Faith – a blend of KNOWING, FEELING and EXPECTING the presence of the Divine in everything and every moment
> being a guide to Source within – a fractal of the One Source available to the individual for most direct and intimate access
> stewarding for the values of the New Earth – honoring, living by, promoting the pure values of Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom, Feeling which are the foundations of the New Earth
> researching into Telepathy – exploring and experimenting into subtle ways of communication
> way-showing Embodiment of the Light – the lightbody, the crystalline body, into the plasma body – this is of particular focus at the moment and a work in progress.

For the purpose of serving their personal mission, Starseeds are granted ‘powers’ in the form of skills and abilities which activate and grow with awareness, choice and conscious embracing, while devoting oneself to pure service of the highest good of all.

I have, as an example, received abilities and rights of passage in such areas as healing, liberation, transmutation and alchemy, work with crystals, communications/messaging, higher frequency activation, avatar representation…
They more specifically apply to the rising and merge of the divine feminine and masculine, as well as the seeking of highest truth, wisdom, peace and freedom.

In the same way, Earthly Old Souls carry within them, from their numerous past lives, skills, wisdom and advanced spiritual and esoteric practices – so that the New Earth Crew is fully equipped and supported in the individual and collective effort to make it happen!

A New Earth?

Imagine a world in which there is…
> no more duality and polarity and opposition
> no more low vibration pockets and burdens
> no more karma running from a long gone past.

Imagine a world in which there is…
> subtlety in everything – the perception and experience of all that is, beyond the visible, the audible, the touchable…
> co-everything”co-operation, connection, co-creation… as a natural way of life
> ruling core values of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Feeling – complementary and inter-dependent, they build on each other and rely on one another to really constitute the foundations of the new Earth. From these are all other values derived, such as Oneness, Harmony, Power, Abundance, Highest Purpose…

  • LOVE – the omnipresent, divine, unconditional love as the one energy that animates and feeds ALL that is
  • TRUTH – the one Truth of the divine, that which can only be known as it is being felt deep inside, in the purity of the self, cleared from limitations and distortions of the little ego
  • PEACE – the one Peace that arises from consistently choosing the divine self over the ego self, choosing love over fear; the one Peace that arises from the wholeness brought by balancing and merging the divine masculine and feminine within; the one inner Peace that leads to peace in relationships and interactions, families, neighborhoods, regions and the whole world!
  • FREEDOM – the Freedom to fully embrace oneself as the truth of who they really are (an embodiment of the divine, of spirit), and the Freedom to BE the unique expression of the divine that each of us humans really are; it is the highest divine mission, service and way to exert individual free will
  • FEELINGat the beginning was the word… at the NEW beginning was it joined by the Feeling!; it is the one way to receive, experience and recognize truth, intuition, higher guidance; as well as to fully embrace the richness and depth of the multidimensional reality which words and thoughts can not grasp nor describe.

On this New Earth, ALL is new: new creations, new connections, new understandings, new practices, now processes, new experiences, new energies… Many ‘things’ will end, will die, will not make it into the New – especially past karma is in no-way admitted there!! On the contrary, the ticket to the New Earth includes the full clearing and releasing of all karma from the past, which is greatly supported and facilitated by the energies available to humanity at the moment. All one needs to do is to decide, to choose to set themselves free from their accumulated karma, and then to diligently follow guidance until it is done.

And all that is brought into the New from the past, still needs to be reviewed, revisited, held in new and higher perspectives, cleared from the old and infused with the energies of the new – this is happening already, it is in progress.

For example, a group is working on a New Paradigm Astrology; I would expect a New Tarot to be born, whether as a whole new creation or a new interpretation of the cards and new ways of interacting with them; I have myself, at some point, felt the urge to ‘reset’ all my major keywords and symbols in order to clear them from their past meanings and connotations, and to activate them to their original or highest frequency and meaning. I must say the impact of my verbal as well as telepathic communications has consequently jumped to a whole new level!!

… a new Earth is emerging…

Want to join? Start with making the conscious choice – but do so, only when you are ready for radical change in your life and experience, from which there is NO return… Once you have made up your mind about it, one way you can activate ‘destination New Earth’ is to claim the following intention: even if I don’t know how, I decide and intend to set myself free from the old and be born again in the New, and I ask to be guided and supported for my highest good, my evolution and in service to the highest good of all.
And your conscious journey shall begin!

Truth or fantasy?

Reading these words, you may be wondering whether the author is a messenger of a new kind – or a total nutcase?! whether all this is true or is it fantasy? whether this is new news or the produce of my wild imagination?

I would suggest 3 points in conclusion and leave it to you to answer:

> check your feelings – leave your thoughts aside, let your conscious mind relax for a while and let go! As you read this paper, how does this all feel to you? If you do feel there might be something there, you might want to take it all into your meditations and ask for insights and guidance – in short, make up your mind, from your deeper and higher feelings.

> consider the perspective that we are ALL Starseeds… Only, some feel more humans/earthly than others, while some feel more galactic, but we all are a blend of these mixed energies. The more we are aware of and embrace the variety of our multi-dimensionality, the more we own each of these different aspects within ourselves.

> whatever you believe, is and will be your reality; just like, whatever I believe, is and will be my reality!

This is maybe a metaphor or a modern-time fairy tale, and I am maybe just an instrument of its delivery…

In any case, it all serves inspiring the desire for a New Earth, a new Humanity, a new and higher reality on this planet – and in this it serves the highest good of all.

I thank you for your interest and attention, and welcome contact, feedback and exchanges.

Sophie Bidard, March 2017

  *  *  *  *  *


The Call and the coming and presence of the Starseeds have been documented, especially through respected past life regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s work with thousands of cases – which allowed her to identify and describe The Call, and Three Waves of Volunteers having answered this Call – a whole book is dedicated to the subject, which she also introduces in talks [1].
Another source of insights and understanding on the topic is channeler Magenta Pixie, a Starseed with amazing ability to conceptualize and communicate complexity in simple, accessible ways [2].
Also to mention also Steven Nobel who serves the Starseed community with healing and energetic activations and offers an e-book on the Starseed [3].
I have also included a few other sources of interest, mentioned in this article…

These all are reliable sources to me, as in reading or listening to them I consistently get the ‘shivers of truth’ which indicate to me the relevance of their materials and messages.
I invite you to check them out and do your own research if you want to get a sense by yourself about the veracity of these notions…

[1] Dolores Cannon –

[2] Magenta Pixie Starseed channel –

[3] Steve Ahnael Nobel –

[4] Starseed Hotline – provides a detailed system for Starseed confirmation and profiling based on astrological markers –

[5] Lisa Transcendence Brown about the Earth ascension and humanity’s evolution to light body, crystalline body, plasma body… – and many videos in particular

[6] Tom Kaypacha Lescher and New Paradigm Astrology –