We are here to teach what we are here to learn

We don’t have to be a ‘teacher’ to be teaching,
we all are a teacher to someone…
If only we choose to, if only we agree to,
to simply share what we learn, what we learnt.

It is said,
we are here to teach what we learn.
You are here to teach what you learn.

What have you been learning?
What is it that you are currently learning – practicing, struggling with, being challenged with?

What are you here to teach, to demonstrate, to convey, to transmit, to inspire others with?

Are you doing it?

Are you teaching it, demonstrating it, sharing it?
Are you sharing the benefits of your learnings, your hard-learnt lessons, your struggles, your challenges?
Were they only for your self?
Or how would it be to share them more widely, freely and openly?

If not – what stops you?

How would it be if you did?
How many people could you inspire, touch, move?
How many lifes could be changed, improved, empowered by the benefits of your own struggles?

How would it be if we shared the learning,
instead of having to do it all for ourselves and by ourselves?
How much more human evolution would be empowered, accelerated, catalysed?

Remember – that is what you are here for; 
to teach, what you have learnt.
Not only as a teacher, in a classroom, in a formal training.

We are all Teachers of Life – if we choose to.

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