A new Earth is emerging…

Behind the scenes, beyond the visible, a new Earth is emerging..

How would you want it to be?
How does it look like, in your mind’s eye?
How does it feel in your heart, and in your whole body?
How does it sound, what is its tune and its melody?
What are your thoughts about it?

You know, it will not just emerge, out of the blue, like by magic.

It is to be a creation, a co-creation, under the combined effect of all our minds, all our thoughts, feelings and expectations, all our energies..

It is (high) time to focus our minds, our thoughts, our energies on what we want, what we want it to be like, what we want to create.

When we dont know what we want, very often we DO know what we do NOT want – and that’s a starting point.
But not a place of residency!

We can take one step further, with simple questions such as,
. when I don’t want fear, what do I want instead?
. when I don’t want war, conflict, poverty and famine, what do I want instead?
. when I don’t want misery and suffering, what do I want instead?

And then, a very next step is to be pondering,
. what can I do to contribute, to make THIS happen?
. what role do I choose to play?
. what responsibility do I choose to take?
. with whom do I need to connect and cooperate?
. who can help me in this, and whom can I help?

And surely, a new Earth is created, a reflection of what we want, individually and collectively; a reflection of what we think and expect, individually and collectively; a reflection of our energies, individual and collective…

See you there!!

And I do hope it will be as beautiful, peaceful and vibrant as I want it, as I envision it, and as I am dedicated to making it happen  🙂

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