The Element of Surprise

The other my friend had a gesture totally unexpected and unforseeable… and it was just perfect because of that.
As I expressed my appreciation and gratitude, she said ‘that is the Element of Surprise!!’ which was also perfect in the way it was phrased.

A couple days later, I was reflecting about the elements, the 4 elements of the energy on the planet, namely, the element of Air, the element of Water, the element of Earth and the element of Fire. Each of these elements have their own symbolic, hold their own aspect of energy…

And as I was reflecting on this, came back to mind this ‘Element of Surprise’ and I thought, that is the 5th element!! It was a nice and fun thought and I left it
there for a while, until I decided to further dig into it, and actually consider how the Element of Surprise interacts with and affects each of the other elements…

Now, if you would like to play the game, consider the following questions in your own contemplations and meditations…

– the Element of Surprise and the Element of Air..
Air is the element of the mind, of thought, of thinking…
how does Surprise affect your thinking and your thoughts?
when some news or info come by surprise, unasked for..
when these news or info maybe disrupt or contradict your train of thoughts..
when some insights you receive surprise you by their nature, their content, their message..
when you finally get the thing, the idea, the understanding you had long been searching for, and it comes to you by surprise, in an instant, in a blast..
does it bring you below or above thinking?
or get you into endless loops of thought?

– the Element of Surprise and the Element of Water..
Water is the element of the emotions, of feeling…
how do you feel about surprises?
remember some experiences of surprise, some of which may have been pleasant, some of which maybe not.. and get in touch with the emotions and feelings that these
events, these situations brought to you, specificly because they took place by surprise?
how does the element of surprise of a situation, a gesture, an event affect you?
how do you feel about the fact that anything can happen at any moment, thus any kind of surprise is just around the corner of the next moment?

– the Element of Surprise and the Element of Earth..
Earth is the element of the physical, the material…
how does the notion of surprise feel in your body?
is it rather expanding? or is it rather constricting?
where in your body does it affect you?
does surprise tend to knock you off your feet?
or does it tend to make you very grounded as it brings you back right here, right now?
how does your body react to the fact that anything can happen at any moment, thus any kind of surprise is just around the corner of the next moment?

– the Element of Surprise and the Element of Fire..
Fire is the element of spirit and energy…
how does surprise affect your energy?
does it pump you up, raising your level of excitement, your fire? or does it tend to freeze you, to shut you off?
how does surprise affect your presence, your conscious awareness?
can surprise be a way spirit brings you what you really need, or gets you where you really need to be? – though maybe not what or where you think you want…

What is the point of these considerations and investigations?, you may ask…

Well, we live in a world where surprise IS indeed just around the corner, and I imagine it is only going to get more so.

We are going towards more and more uncertainty, more and more NEW-ness, thus less and less familiarity, regularity, rule of habit…. the Element of Surprise is about to become the 5th element, really, to be as omnipresent to our experience on this planet, as are the air we breathe, the water we live of (and are mostly constituted of), the earth we stand on and feed from, the spirit that animates us.

We better get ready for that, and that is really the point of this investigation offered as a fun game of reflection and contemplation.

Anything that you identify and experience as unpleasant as it relates to surprise, you are invited to transform, in order to be ok, be comfortable, be at ease with whatever surpise arises at any moment, so that you are at the best of your ability to handle it.

When surprise rules, you can not afford to be knocked down or if only shaken by any single piece of surprise; that would be too much stress to your organism and your being.

You need to bring yourself to a state of readiness and awareness that is able to handle whatever surprise, not only the good surprises; to be sufficiently in the mindset and consciouness of the witness of the moment, that whenever whatever surprise presents itself, you can witness it and choose how to handle it, from the best of your wisdom (not from the worst of your stressed self!!).

Are you surprise-proof?
The Element of Surprise is about to take over, better make yourself surprise-ready 😉 🙂