3 questions to ponder – to guide your journey & create the life you desire

I use these questions as a pillar of my work, with any person I engage with. Indeed, these are relevant, useful and inspiring questions to ponder, whether in a situation of crisis or looking for improvement or expansion; whether advanced in life or still very young; whether feeling on tracks already, or totally out of it!!

I invite you to consider these questions as an instrument for guiding your journey and creating the life you desire… for really, what is the life you desire, what is it made of and not made of?

3 questions to ponder, to get around this theme:

1. what do you want in your life, which is not yet present?
including what you want to have, to do, to be.

2. what stops you, what prevents you?
from having it, doing it, being it.

3. what do you no longer want in your life?
no longer want to have, to do, to be.

I suggest a very broad and deep investigation,

  • covering all aspects of life: family, home, work, health, body, leisure, relationships of any kind, self-development, service, …..
  • covering the material and non-material – what you want to have, may include things, possessions, but also experiences, states of being, states of mind, thoughts, beliefs, feelings…
  • covering the realistic and non-realistic – be ambitious, be imaginative, allow yourself to dream ; wanting to go to the Moon may be symbolic of something else that you want, so do include it if that is what you want, and then ponder what stops you? and you may find that the seeming unrealistic dream becomes possible, somehow…
  • kept alive, growing, evolving over time and throughout your journey – these are questions to ponder every now-and-then, to apply to new endeavours, to keep in the back of the mind to make sure to live an intent-driven life, rather than a life by default, or by accident…

Never thought you could choose? well, not only you can, but that is your role, the commands are in your hands…

So, go ahead, and get clarity on what you want, what stops you, and what you no longer want.

And you will see that, from that clarity, those new choices that you make and claim for yourself, arise new possibilities, opportunities, connections, insights…